VLC is a feature rich media player. It’s simple yet classic look makes it different from other media players. VLC support a large number of media formats to play in an easy to use interface. Out of a number of available tools, there’s is a useful tool in VLC with which you can easily clip the part of a video file. It is a handy tool if you want to take out the part of your recorded video.

Making clips using VLC_01

Even some video editing software does not support all video formats, there VLC rolls in and make it easy to create clips from the videos for easy editing. It also does not degrade the picture quality of the clip as it clip and save videos in original file format.


It’s too easy to clip video in VLC. Just follow the steps given below.

Steps :

1.  I thought you already have installed VLC, if not you can download the latest version from VideoLAN.

2.  Launch VLC media player. First of all make recording tools visible in VLC user interface. Go to View menu in the upper menu bar and click on Advanced Controls. Now recording tools are visible in the main window.

Making clips using VLC_1

3.  Open the video file you want to clip. You can assign the start and stop marks using the button marked with AB or get the starting point of the clip frame by frame using the last button of the tool. Now click on the record button marked with red dot and starts to play the the video.

Making clips using VLC_4

4.  When the video playback reached the desired part of the video again click on record button and VLC automatically saved the clip in the default Video Folder of your OS.

Making clips using VLC_2

This is the short guide of creating video clips in VLC. Enjoy your clips.


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  • Rohan Gupta

    I don’t think my vlc is saving the files at all … i have tried every possible location and even searched all files created today .. still nothing .. I have windows 7 .. please help .

    • @Rohan Gupta

      First of all make sure that VLC is recording files correctly with the help of
      red record button indication.

      By default, VLC saved recorded files in Windows ‘Videos’ directory. You can
      go to Videos folder in Windows explorer by selecting Videos from the left-bar
      Libraries. You can also specify your own directory to save recorded files in a
      specific directory.

      Run VLC and press Ctrl+P. Now in the Preferences window select ‘Input
      & Codecs’ from left side menu and there you will see the option
      ‘Files’. Click on Browse in front of Record directory or filename and select the folder where you want to save files and remember that folder, because recorded video files will be saved in to that folder. And now on you can get VLC recorded files from that folder.

      Have a good time!

      • Rohan Gupta

        thankyou so much .. it worked .. 🙂

  • aimee

    i done everything you said and it did record it …. but only the sound, there is no video just the sound. what should i do to get the sound a picture … please help.

    • @disqus_sRO8ZBvyWh:disqus

      Everything works fine and there is no way to only record the sound in VLC, it records both audio as well as video from a video file.

      Try to record with another video file to check if there is a problem with video file. Sometimes less than 5 or 10 seconds recordings doesn’t correctly record the video so, try to record at least one minute video.

      Hope, it works for you!

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  • Buskie Boy

    This tells you how to CLIP a video, which is really just recording the part you want. The title of your blog is misleading as it says “CROP” which is a completely different thing. VLC does have a CROP tool which allows you to focus on a certain part of your video. I came here to learn more about CROPPING, not clipping.

  • Ľubor Slušný

    damn, rename it to clipping or cutting, this is not cropping

  • soccerkrzy

    Seconding that this is misleading…this is clipping the video, not cropping.

  • anu

    i had done it in the way which is mentioned above….the file is getting recorded as well . But while opening, its just audio ….tried it many times…pls help

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  • lahiri

    this article doesn’t deal with cropping

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  • Thanks brother, but when i cut any video so i get first thats audio and after playing audio then play video. I mean if i cut 10 sec a video so that done but when i play so first play audio of 10 sec and after playing audio play video of 10 sec. Please send its solution. and visit my website http://www.mobilecenter.com.pk too. Thanks

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