How to Create Picture Password in Windows 8

Picture password

Windows 8 users can create picture password to signing in as a visual way, an alternate way of text password. You can create it as.


Windows 8 offers offers a new way of log in with a picture password. To login in this way you have to draw circles, lines or taps on the image instead of typing a text password. This feature best suites for tablet users but PC users can also use this feature by using mouse to draw circles, lines and create gesture.

For this, you will need a at least one image to your Windows 8 Pictures folder. After you select your picture, you have to draw circles, line or taps in any three area of picture. To log in , recreate the same gestures in the same order and you’ll be signed in.

Here’s the process of setting up picture password Windows 8:

  1. In the start screen, type ‘picture password’ in the search bar. From the search results click on the setting to create or change picture password.

  2. At the Sign-in options on PC screen, click to create a picture password, Enter your current text password to confirm your account.

  3. Welcome to picture password screen explains how to set up picture password through different gestures.

  4. From the menu, click on choose picture. Windows browse you with your picture folder. Click on the image you want to use for your picture password.

  5. In the next step create your gesture on the picture screen, then second and third. You have to recreate three gestures in the same order again to confirmation. After that click on Finish button.

  6. Go back to your home screen. Click on your account picture at upper right corner and then sigh out.

  7. Now log in back, you see your picture. Draw all the three gestures that you created to sign in. If the gestures match with the previous ones then you’ll successfully signed in, if not draw again.

If you don’t want to log in with this feature, you can switch back to text password.



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