How Sounds are Recognized with Audio Content Recognition

If you are somewhere and great song plays over there. You like the song and you don’t know the title of the song and who’s sings it. Right that you pull out your cell phone and dial a number and holds the phone towards the speaker.

With in few seconds you receive a text message with the title of the song, artists name and even a link from where you can buy a copy of that song.


That service is called content-recognition software to recognize the song. These softwares are useful if you want to learn about a song playing nearby you. They are also useful in copyright infringement, which is a big issue of artists and corporations.

It is difficult to analyzed a sound clip because, they may not be the clean copies of songs. They could be truncated or might be similar to different song. This is where these programs comes. The program’s job is to compare the fingerprints and find a match of the song in the database within certain range of probability.

This process works in the same way a forensic experts matched suspect’s fingerprints to the fingerprints found at crime location. Before these complex computer softwares, experts looks for point of similarities between different fingerprints. For a print to be matched at least 16 points of similarities would be demonstrated.

For these softwares users can also adjust the level of similarities required to declare a match. That way you can adjust the program so that it gives best match results if it found 95 percent of better match. If the incoming sound clip doesn’t in the range , it sends an error message to the user.

When the program found a match gives the all information about that sound. Some record companies used such softwares to scan file-sharing sites or to track content on web sites that stream audio. The entire process of analysis and match takes only few seconds.

There is a software which gives an idea of these softwares.



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