How to Forward or Mask Domain Name

Domain forwarding lets you direct your domain name visitors to any address you specified in domain forwarding. Domain forwarding is also known as domain masking. You should setup domain forwarding after you registered a domain name.

If you don’t setup domain forwarding, visitors may face problem in accessing websites when they directly type or in web browser’s address bar because in some cases websites works with prefix www while in the others without www. prefix. This problem persists because of not setting up domain forwarding. Below are the steps to forward your domain.

Here I’m taking an example of as domain registrar to show you how to setup domain forwarding or masking. Procedure is same for all registrars except the layout of account manager.

1. First login to your Account Manager.

2. After successful login, you will see Account Manager like below in the image. Expand domain menu by clicking on domains and select domain which you want to forward or mask and click on launch button.

Account Manager

3. Account manager settings will open for selected domain. Now click on Forward and select Forward Domain.

Domain forward

4. A popup window will open like the image below. Select http:// or https:// depending on your server settings. You should select http:// because https:// is for secure login servers. In the Forward to field, enter the URL of your domain or any other address which is registered on the same domain registrar or any other domain registrar. Select the option “Update my DNS settings to support this change”. Remember to include www. before domain name as



5. After you enter your full domain address with www prefix, click on OK button.

Now your domain is forwarded to your new specified address. Hope you’ll find this tutorial helpful.



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