How to turn on Low Power mode on Alexa to save energy at home with an Echo

This option may not work when an Echo is connected to an external device or speaker using an auxiliary cable

When Alexa identifies that your Echo device isn't in active use, it turns on Power Mode
When Alexa identifies that your Echo device isn’t in active use, it turns on Power Mode. (Amazon)

Smart devices like Amazon’s Echo speakers offer options to reduce their consumption when not in active use. One of these modes is Low Power Mode, designed to minimize the power used by the Echo smart speaker or display when it is asleep.

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How to turn on Low Power Mode on Alexa

When an Echo smart speaker or smart display is idle, it seeks energy efficiency through a series of Low Power Mode optimizations to reduce its power consumption.

While this mode does not need to be adjusted manually, users can verify that it is active by:

1. Open the Alexa app on the smartphone connected to the Echo.

2. Select the specific Echo device for which you want to activate Low Power Mode.

3. Within the device’s settings, look for the option that refers to ‘Power saving’ or ‘Low power mode’.

4. Activate the corresponding switch or button to enable Low Power Mode.

What’s the difference between an Echo and Alexa

Alexa is Amazon's virtual assistant
Alexa is Amazon’s virtual assistant. (Amazon)

Echo devices are hardware products designed by Amazon that integrate the Alexa voice assistant. These devices include smart speakers and displays that allow users to interact with Alexa using voice commands.

Each Echo model offers different functionalities, such as music playback, smart home device control, and extended capabilities such as video calling and security monitoring on some models.

On the other hand, Alexa is the virtual voice assistant developed by Amazon. It works like artificial intelligence that allows users to perform a variety of tasks and get information through simple voice commands.

In addition to Echo devices, Alexa is integrated into other third-party products, such as home appliances, cars, and mobile devices, thus expanding its usefulness in various aspects of everyday life.

Echo is the device that retains Alexa's virtual assistant

What special care should be considered for an Echo

To keep an Echo device in optimal condition and ensure long-lasting performance, several special precautions must be considered.

First, it’s crucial to place the Echo in a stable and safe location, away from damp areas or areas at risk of splashing, and avoid direct exposure to sunlight or sources of intense heat.

For cleaning, it is recommended to use a soft, dry cloth, avoiding abrasive cleaners that can damage the finish or penetrate the internal components.

It is advisable to always keep the Echo updated to avoid cyberattacks
It is advisable to always keep the Echo updated to avoid cyberattacks. (Illustrative image)

Keeping your device up to date with the latest software versions is critical, as updates not only improve performance, but also strengthen security and add new features.

Connecting the Echo to a surge protector helps protect it against sudden electrical fluctuations, it’s key.

It’s important not to obstruct your device’s microphone, as this could interfere with your device’s ability to receive voice commands. Finally, turning off the Echo when it’s not in extended use can help conserve energy and extend its life.

How to Protect Alexa from Cyberattacks

Amazon has several Echo models
Amazon has several Echo models. (Illustrative image)

It’s critical to keep both your Echo device and the Alexa app up to date with the latest software and firmware versions, as these updates typically include vital security patches against known vulnerabilities.

In addition, it is recommended to set up strong and unique passwords for the Amazon account and the Alexa app, avoiding easy-to-guess passwords and considering activating two-factor authentication for greater security.

When connecting your Echo device, it’s essential to use secure Wi-Fi networks with WPA2 encryption and avoid unprotected public networks. It is also important to educate yourself about phishing techniques and social engineering attacks to recognize and avoid attempts to obtain sensitive information.



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