How to turn the iPhone logo into a smart button: the ‘little apple’ has power

Even an iPhone 8 or later with iOS 14 can turn on Back Touch

How to turn the iPhone logo into a smart button
iPhone 8 or later devices have this feature. REUTERS/Andrew Kelly/File Photo

The apple behind the iPhone is a smart button that helps its users quickly access various functions such as the magnifying glass, taking screenshots and some accessibility options, which can be useful for people with difficulties in sight, touch, speech or hearing.

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It is important to consider that not all iPhone models can enable this button. Those who can do so must follow a series of steps below.

How to set up the Apple button on iPhone

The actual name of the button is post-tap. It can be enabled from iPhone 8 and on devices that have iOS 14 since now. With this in mind, the steps to activate it are:

You must enter Settings to activate the subsequent tap and thus grant it a particular action
You must enter Settings to activate the subsequent tap and thus grant it a particular action. (Illustrative image)

1. Go to Settings, then Accessibility. There you should select Tap and Touch Later.

2. In this step, the user must define the action they want to give to the subsequent touch. To do so, you have to select Double-tap or Triple-tap and choose an action.

3. Verify that the action has been established.

What is the function of iPhone apple

In iOS 14 and later, Rear Touch allows you to: Open Control Center, take a screenshot, turn on accessibility actions, access AssistiveTouch, enter Siri shortcuts, turn on Magnifier, and VoiceOver.

What is AssistiveTouch

This is an iPhone accessibility feature that makes it easier for people with difficulty interacting with the screen or physical buttons to use the device. It’s the white and gray circle that appears on the screen.

This tool allows you to use voice commands and create custom shortcuts to common functions, such as locking the screen, adjusting the volume, and more.

AssistiveTouch allows quick access to various functions
AssistiveTouch allows quick access to various functions. (Apple)

What is iPhone VoiceOver

VoiceOver is an accessibility feature on iPhone that informs the user about changes to the screen and device status. When you use VoiceOver, you’re notified when the screen changes orientation from landscape to portrait, when the brightness dims, or when the screen locks.

It also provides information about active items on the Lock Screen when you wake up the iPhone, making it easier for users with visual impairments to interact and navigate.

What iOS 18 will be like

The post-touch came to the iPhone with iOS 14. iPhone users are waiting for iOS 18, Apple’s next operating system for its mobile devices that will be released between September, October and November 20254.

iPhone will feature improvements in design privacy and changes to native applications
iPhone will feature improvements in design, privacy and changes to native applications. (Apple)

At Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference 2024, it was announced that this system will incorporate features powered by Apple Intelligence, the company’s artificial intelligence.

Some of the new tools include:

– Rewrite: It will improve the wording and offer users different versions of a text to adjust the tone.

– Proofread: Review grammar and sentence structure.

– Summarize: It will allow you to create abstracts in various formats.

– iMessage: Users will have new text formats and will be able to schedule messages. Likewise, quick replies will include stickers and emojis.

Users will have more customization options with iOS 18
Users will have more customization options with iOS 18. (Apple)

– Satellite messages: It will allow users to send and receive text messages, emojis, and quick messages via iMessage and SMS when cellular and WiFi connections are not available.

– Mail Update: Apple’s email app will have a new categorization of messages. New filters include Primary, Transactions, Updates, and Promotions.

In addition, Mail will have a summary view that will bring together all of a company’s relevant emails in one place. This feature will allow users to quickly find necessary information without having to search through multiple emails.

It should be added that Apple Intelligence will be available in beta version for iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max.



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