Is it good to turn off router at night?

In this post, I share my knowledge and experience to help you answer an important question: is it worth turning off your router at night? Here’s the answer

Is it good to turn off router at night?
A working router

Many people wonder if it is good to turn off the router at night. In this guide I am going to explain all the aspects that you should take into account regarding this issue. Read on to find out how to manage this basic network device in the most efficient way.

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How does a router work?

The router is a device that works exactly like your computer or mobile. Obviously, it doesn’t have the same goal as those devices and doesn’t include as many features. Its mission is to act as an intermediary between the internet network and your home, sending and receiving packages as you browse, download or stream movies.

The router, therefore, is made up of two main components. For one, it has hardware, including a small processor, a motherboard, and the various network connections. And, to govern that physical part, it also has software, which in this case, more than an operating system, we can consider it a firmware.

This set of components makes the router work, in use, like a computer. In fact, if it has a USB port, you will be able to connect a hard drive or any other compatible accessory to it.

After this brief reflection, and seeing that a router is very similar to any other device you have at home, it is clear that the router “will do well to rest” at night and that, if you decide to turn it off, you will not cause it any harm. In fact, you’ll actually be restarting the router, forcing it to reload all system files, and ruling out some errors.

Turning off your router doesn’t always benefit you

Just because turning off your router at night can have a positive effect on the device itself, even improving WiFi performance, doesn’t mean it’s always a good idea to do so. Below, I propose to review some important questions that will help you decide.

What if you have a connected home?

It’s becoming more and more common to have a lot of connected devices. Unless you use a HUB or Zigbee technology to communicate all your devices, each of those devices will usually end up connected to your home’s WiFi.

With connected devices, such as smart bulbs, routines also arrive. Maybe you’ve set one of your lamps to turn on by itself and wake you up in the morning.

If your smart home infrastructure is based on WiFi, turning off the router at night will leave all the devices connected to the wireless network without service.

Be careful, that does not mean that many of these devices stop working. For example, you’ll probably be able to turn on your smart bulbs with the physical switch. However, the smart part of your home will be completely disconnected if the router is not turned on.

What if you need internet overnight?

Another question you should consider is whether you will need an Internet connection at night. It is true that thanks to 5G networks, there is less and less need for WiFi 24 hours a day. However, there may be other equipment, those that are not mobile devices, that depend more on the connection provided by the router.

Without going any further, if you leave your PC downloading a file at night, when you turn off the router, you will waste a few key hours to complete that process.

It’s also beneficial to keep your router’s connection active if you live in an area with poor coverage and, for some special reason, need to continue receiving all your notifications at night.

In cases like those described (most of them quite specific), having the WiFi or Ethernet network at night is very advantageous. More than turning off the router at night.

Isn’t that a good idea to save?

Another question that many ask is whether turning off the router will have a significant impact on the electricity consumption of your home. Or, in other words, if this action will help them save substantially on their electricity bill.

The short answer is a resounding no. The router is a device with a rather symbolic energy consumption. Unlike other large appliances, or a gaming PC with a very powerful graphics. After doing some simple calculations, it’s easy to come to the conclusion that turning off your router every night is only going to reduce your bill by a handful of dollars.

If your router doesn’t have an automatic shutdown, you’ll need to remember to turn it off yourself.

In most cases, you will have to manually shut down your router
In most cases, you’ll have to manually shut down your router

Finally, there is one last detail that you should take into account. If the device does not have a mode to program the on and off, you will have to carry out this action yourself. Depending on where you have placed the router, this can become a nuisance that, as I have already explained, hardly brings any benefits.

So, is it worth turning off your router every night? Here’s what I think

Personally, I don’t usually turn off the router almost ever. I only resort to the reboot technique when something isn’t quite right. Therefore, I consider that, while occasionally turning off this device can improve network performance, turning it off every night does not make much sense.

Of course, the router isn’t going to break down if you turn it off every night, either. So, in reality, it is a personal decision. The benefits are not many, although depending on how you use your network, you may not see too many drawbacks either.



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