A cheaper version of the Vision Pro would be possible thanks to a change of components

Apple wants to launch an Apple Vision Pro with larger screens, but with a lower resolution to lower the price of the device

A cheaper version of the Vision Pro would be possible thanks to a change of components
The Apple Vision Pro is the company’s first space computer

Everything points to Apple launching a cheaper version of its Vision Pro. In fact, plans to launch a second generation to launch such a version so that more users can get their space computer have been canceled. A change in the supply chain for OLED-on-Silicon (OLEDoS) panels would be one of the key moves.

According to the Korean media specialized in the supply chain, The Elec, this change would be focused on the search for new suppliers to provide the new screens. The screens are one of the most important components of the Vision Pro and they are being changed to make them more affordable without losing quality.

A change of screens as a key point to launch a cheaper Vision Pro

The Vision Pro displays are from Sony, but its limited production capacity of up to 900,000 panels a year and a lack of expansion plans has Apple exploring new options, such as requesting input from Samsung Display and LG Display to assess their production capabilities for larger screens between 2.0 and 2.1 inches. For context, the current ones are 1.4 inches.

One of the factors that makes the price of the Vision Pro more expensive is the display technology used by Sony, which combines white OLED with a color filter. Samsung and LG would have presented many advances in the production of screens with more resolution, more brightness and, above all, with a lower price.

By including larger screens, but with a lower resolution, it would be possible to maintain optimal quality for this device, as it is one of the key points of Apple’s space computer. With this move, it would be possible to reduce the cost of the device without reducing its quality.

Little by little, the pieces of the puzzle are falling into place and it seems that the company will be able to launch a cheaper Apple Vision Pro. Will it be called Apple Vision? Be that as it may, this launch would also help the company to buy this device, which is so important to the company.



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