Android 15 Beta 3 is now available for download: all the news

The third and penultimate beta version of Android 15 is now available for download. These are all its new features and compatible terminals

Android 15 Beta 3 is now available for download: all the news
Android 15 is the next version of Google’s operating system and will arrive this autumn

During the recent Google I/O 2024, the American giant announced the second Beta of Android 15 and now, a month later, the big G has just announced through its Android 15 Beta 3 developer blog, the third and penultimate public Beta of the new version of Android, which inaugurates the stability of the platform.

Android 15 Beta 3 is now available for download on all Google Pixel from the Pixel 6 onwards and could arrive very soon on the most recent smartphones from other brands such as Xiaomi, realme, OnePlus, Nothing or vivo. This new Beta version of Android includes some interesting new features and a few bug fixes, which we will detail below.

Android 15 Beta 3: improvements and bug fixes

As is often the case with the third Beta of each new version of Android, the main novelty of Android 15 Beta 3 is that it includes the definitive APIs that will allow developers and terminal manufacturers to adapt their applications to Android 15 without fear of drastic changes in them before the final version.

The final version of Android 15 should arrive between August and September
The final version of Android 15 should arrive between August and September

But, in addition, the third Beta of Android 15 includes some really interesting new features, the most outstanding being the improvement of the experience when using passkeys, Google’s new tool to replace traditional passwords.

Thus, as you can see in the screenshots below, the user interface of the passkeys has been simplified so that you can log in to an app or a service with your access credentials with a single touch and from a single screen.

The new passkey UI in Android 15 Beta 3
The new passkey UI in Android 15 Beta 3

Likewise, Android 15 Beta 3 also brings a series of bug fixes and general bugs of the system and functionalities such as Bluetooth, which we list below:

  • Fixed an issue where disabling polling using the setDiscoveryTechnology method would not disable polling
  • Fixed an issue that prevented the system shared sheet from loading in some cases
  • Fixed an issue that caused the System Settings app to crash when accessing screen saver options
  • Fixed an issue that sometimes caused the screen unlock icon to be displayed when there were notifications on the screen
  • Fixed an issue that prevented changing mobile network security settings
  • Fixed an issue with the Android emulator that caused Simpleperf to fail when running a CPU profile
  • Resolved an issue where Bluetooth LE scans could persist on the system after an app crash.
  • Fixed a bug in legacy Bluetooth LE advertising, where “AdvertisingSet.setScanResponseData” would not return “ADVERTISE_FAILED_DATA_TOO_LARGE” when scan response data exceeded the 31-byte limit
  • Fixed a bug that caused LE connection failures on the GATT server when passing the native BluetoothGattServer.connect address type

Android 15 Beta 3 compatible phones

Android 15 Beta 3 can be downloaded on all Google Pixels released from the end of 2021, so that all models from the Google Pixel 6 to the recent Pixel 8a are included, which we have already been able to analyze in depth.

If you already had the preview installed, you’ll receive the beta update automatically through a new OTA. Anyway, if you want to try this new Android 15 Beta as soon as possible and you have not yet received this OTA, here are the download links of the OTA images of all compatible Pixel so that you can manually install them on your device:

  • Pixel 6: OTA
  • Pixel 6 Pro: OTA
  • Pixel 6a: OTA
  • Pixel 7: OTA
  • Pixel 7 Pro: OTA
  • Pixel 7a: OTA
  • Pixel 8: OTA
  • Pixel 8 Pro: OTA
  • Pixel 8a: OTA
  • Pixel Fold: OTA
  • Pixel Tablet: OTA



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