Android 15 would put an end to Google’s fast charging problem

Google has a problem with fast charging that brings users crazy, the company plans to solve it with Android 15

Android 15 would put an end to Googles fast charging problem
Android 15 wants to put an end to Google’s fast charging problem

Everything points to Android 15 putting an end to the problem of fast charging that Google has been dragging for years. Yes, fast charging is not any kind of advance or novelty at this point. Despite being something that all devices integrate today, Google continues to offer incorrect messages when using this charging technology.

Companies such as Xiaomi, OnePlus and OPPO have been fighting for the top positions in this race for fast charging for years. Google has been left behind, devices such as the Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro have fast charging that, to be honest, should not be considered as such when compared to what can be seen in the rest of the companies.

Both Google phones feature 27W and 30W fast charging respectively. This charging power pales in comparison to, for example, the 100 W of the OnePlus 1. Google has a conception of fast charging that does not conform to current standards. Android 15 seems to be destined to put an end to this Google fast charging problem.

Android 15 wants to put an end to Google’s fast charging problem

The way Android 15 will solve this fast charging problem is by redefining what can be considered fast charging. Until now, ridiculous loading speeds had been considered fast charging in Google’s eyes.

In fact, you only need to be compatible with a 7.5W charger for Google to consider that to be fast charging. Now, everything will change and it will be thanks to Android 15. What has been known is that Google intends to reconfigure the threshold of fast charging.

It has been thanks to Android Authority that this change has been known. Although it may seem like a small problem, it is one of Google’s biggest failures regarding fast charging and generates confusion in users.

When connecting a 7.5 W charger, a message will appear indicating that it is charging quickly, this being the same message as when a 20 W charger is connected. The problem is that users do not know for sure if the charge is fast or not.

To solve the problem, what Google has decided is to change the threshold of fast charging and move it to 20 W. A fast charging message will only be displayed when a device is connected to a charger that offers this charging power, becoming a new standard.



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