Apple expands its self-service repairs to Europe

The software that helps you know what’s going wrong on an iPhone now available in Europe to complete the self-repair program

You can now find out if something is wrong with your iPhone without having to visit an Apple Store
Apple’s diagnostic tools are now available in Europe

Apple recently announced that diagnostic tools for self-service repairs are now available in Europe. This software is very useful because it allows users to know if their device needs to be repaired without needing to go to an Apple Store to determine if what is failing is a part, for example.

This diagnostic tool was launched in the United States in December 2023 to complement the self-repair toolkit that was already part of this program. It is now available in 32 countries of the European Union, including Spain, France and Germany.

Apple launches its repair diagnostic tools in Europe

The self-repair kit was already available in Europe; however, with the launch of the diagnostic tools, the program’s offer is completed. Now, users will also be able to know if something is wrong with their iPhone or device without needing to visit an Apple Store or authorized repair site.

To take advantage of the self-service repair program, simply visit Apple’s self-service repair website and choose the device you need to fix. On the site you will find a manual that will guide you step by step, provide you with precise instructions and allow you to access the required parts and tools.

Self-repair program is completed with diagnostic tools
Self-repair program is completed with diagnostic tools

Self-Service Repair is currently enabled for iPhone 15 series and M2-equipped Mac models, including 14-inch and 16-inch MacBook Pros, 15-inch MacBook Air, and Mac mini, Mac Pro and Mac Studio.

With this announcement, Apple is giving users more autonomy when it comes to repairing their devices and moving closer to its goal of releasing devices that are easy to use, repair, and maintain. Of course, Apple also wants to make it clear that this program is intended above all for those people with previous experience in the repair of electronic devices, recommending users who do not have it, to visit an Apple Store or an authorized technical service.



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