Apple releases the third beta of iOS 18: the public beta is coming

iOS 18 Developer Third Beta Now Available

Apple releases the third beta of iOS 18: the public beta is coming
Apple releases iOS 18 beta 3 for developers

Apple just released the third beta of iOS 18 for developers two weeks after releasing the second. A version of vital importance for several reasons: Apple is at the same pace as in previous years and the public beta is near. Normally, not many days pass from the launch of the third beta to the launch of the public one.

iOS 18 third beta now available for developers

If you’re part of Apple’s developer program, you can download and install this new beta version now. A version of which at the moment we do not know what new features it incorporates, but that we will summarize in an article as soon as we know them all.

In the previous version, for example, iPhone Mirroring was launched, which is the possibility of controlling the iPhone from the Mac. We also finally saw the App Store icon in dark mode, a new widget for the Wallet app, changes to the Passwords app and the iPhone’s power button in Control Center.

With the launch of the third beta of iOS 18 we are approaching the launch of the public beta, which will be available in the coming days so that users who want to try iOS 18 can do so in a safer way before its official launch in September.

How to install the developer beta on iPhone

Although the iOS 18 public beta is coming soon, you can always put on the developer beta. Although it is advisable to wait, these are the steps you have to follow to have it on your iPhone:

  1. On your iPhone, download the Apple Developer app from the App Store.
  2. Open the app and tap Account.
  3. Select Sign in.
  4. Sign in using your regular Apple ID.
  5. Once you’ve signed in to the Developer app, you can go to the Settings app > General > Software Update on your iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, or Mac and you’ll see beta updates as an option.



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