Apple wants to make iPhone batteries easier to replace

The change would allow the battery to be removed from an iPhone by means of a small electric shock

Apple wants to make iPhone batteries easier to replace
Apple is developing new technology to make iPhone batteries easier to replace

Apple has recently announced that, starting at the end of the year, iPhones will be more compatible with third-party batteriesshowing the metrics of the same, such as maximum capacity or charge cycles. In addition, it is also working on new technology with the aim of making iPhone batteries more repairable.

As European Union legislation looms, the company with the bitten apple is developing a technology to make iPhone batteries more repairable. The technology in question is an “electrically induced adhesive unlinking” for the battery.

Replacing an iPhone battery will be much easier

Currently, replacing an iPhone battery requires the use of tweezers to remove the battery, as it is fixed using adhesive strips. After removing the battery, a special machine is needed to place the new one in the place of the removed one.

As indicated by the specialized media The Information, with the new technology the process would change completely. This technology would allow experts to remove the battery from the chassis by administering a small shock of electricity to the battery thanks to a change in material.

This change would not be long in coming, as Apple plans to include it in some of the models of the iPhone 16 series that we will see next September. If the process proves successful, the new battery technology will expand to the entire iPhone 17 series in 2025. A series that would not only bring this change, since an iPhone 17 Slim is expected to be very different from the others.

These kinds of changes are all well and good, but I think Apple should also make other kinds of improvements to increase the battery life of its iPhones. In general, it is fine for most users, but the truth is that, with use and the passage of time, it sometimes falls short, especially for those users who use it more intensively.



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