Apple will launch its new Beats Pill speaker on June 25

Beats by Dre has shared the release date on its personal X account

Apple will launch its new Beats Pill speaker on June 25
The Beats Pill will be released on June 25

Apple will launch its new Beats Pill speaker next Tuesday, June 25. We only needed a confirmation from the company, since several celebrities had been seen with the device and records of it were found in several databases, a step prior to the launch of a product.

The announcement has been made through the official X account (formerly Twitter) of Beats by Dre, where it has been reported about the launch of the Beats Pill wireless speaker for June 25. Remember that Beats belongs to Apple, although it operates somewhat independently.

The new Beats Pill already has a release date

The Beats by Dre account has shared a video in which LeBron James can be seen with the new speaker and the text “25/6”, indicating that this would be the company’s chosen release date. The basketball star was one of the celebrities seen with this new speaker, so it makes sense that he would appear in the ad.

This new device was discontinued by Apple a few years ago, but it seems that it will return to stores with some new features. We can expect it to include a USB-C port, a new strap for easier transport, sound quality improvements, and be available in a variety of colors, including red, black, and gold.

It is possible that the Beats Pill will also arrive with Bluetooth 5.3 connection and support for Apple’s Find My network, which would allow it to be located with any device in the ecosystem that has the Find My app. A minor renewal, but it seems that the company wants to try again after having discontinued it in 2022.

In short:

  1. It looks like the Beats Pill will be released on June 25.
  2. The Beats by Dre account has shared a video in which LeBron James appears with the speaker.
  3. It’s expected to arrive with a new strap, USB-C port, Bluetooth 5.3, Search network support, and red, black, and gold colors.



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