Apple will release a redesigned iPhone, MacBook Pro and Apple Watch in the near future

iPad Pros with M4 processor have been the beginning of a new class of lighter and thinner products

Apple will release a redesigned iPhone, MacBook Pro and Apple Watch in the near future
Apple products are meant to be thinner and lighter

Apple launched the iPad Pro with an M4 processor last month, standing out for being thinner than ever. It seems that this feature will also be implemented in other products of the company in the future, such as the iPhone, MacBook Pro and Apple Watch, which would undergo a design change to be thinner.

As analyst Mark Gurman has indicated in the latest release of his Power On newsletterthe latest iPad Pros are the beginning of a new class of products whose goal is to be as thin and light as possible. As we have advanced, Apple plans to extend this feature to the iPhone, MacBook Pro and Apple Watch.

Mark Gurman also confirms the future launch of an iPhone 17 Slim

A few weeks ago, it was revealed that Apple will launch an iPhone 17 Slim next year to replicate the iPhone X revolution. This model would stand out for having a smaller Dynamic Island, a new camera system, and a more compact size, as well as being thinner.

In addition, the analyst claims that Apple’s goal is to launch a MacBook Pro and iPad Pro that are thinner than the current models. Likewise, the Apple Watch would also be part of this new class of products in development. It should be remembered that the Apple Watch Series X is also expected to be thinner.

So far, there are no confirmed dates for the launch of the MacBook Pro or Apple Watch Series X, although it is anticipated that the latter could be released this year or the next, as well as the iPhone 17 Slim, which Apple plans to launch in 2025 along with other models in the range. What does seem clear is that the most recent iPad Pros have inaugurated a new design language.

In short:

  1. Apple is looking to release a thinner iPhone, MacBook Pro, and Apple Watch.
  2. Mark Gurman confirms that Apple would release an iPhone 17 Slim in 2025.
  3. The Apple Watch Series X is expected to adopt a slimmer design.
  4. There’s no word yet on when the new MacBook Pro with revamped design will be released.
  5. The latest iPad Pros are the pioneers of a new class of products.

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