Apple would be knocking on Google’s door to implement Gemini AI in Siri

OpenAI’s ChatGPT already has an alliance to be with Apple Intelligence, the AI of the company created by Steve Jobs

Apple would seek to ally itself with Google
Apple would seek to ally itself with Google. REUTERS

Apple surprised with new features for iPhone, iPad and Mac powered by OpenAI’s artificial intelligence, known for ChatGPT. This collaboration would mark the beginning of a broader strategy by Apple to incorporate third-party AI technologies such as Google.

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Thus, Siri would not only offer answers based on ChatGPT, but also on Gemini and other AIs from external companies.

What the partnership between Apple and Google would look like

At Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference 2024, the company unveiled a series of new features for its operating systems powered by OpenAI’s artificial intelligence, the same as ChatGPT.

iOS AI integrates new features such as text writing and summaries
iOS AI integrates new features such as text writing and summaries. (Apple)

This dynamic of using third-party artificial intelligence is something that Apple is reportedly planning to expand. According to a report shared by Bloomberg, the company led by Tim Cook would like to partner with Google to gain access to Gemini. The partnership would be expected to be ready by the end of 2024.

In this way, when a user interacts with Siri, they would have responses from ChatGPT, Gemini and more artificial intelligences from other companies outside Apple.

The same report adds that Apple would seek to partner with Anthropic, Baidu and Alibaba in the same way it did with OpenAI and plans to do so with Google.

According to Wired, Craig Federighi, who is Apple’s senior vice president, the company would be looking to establish contracts with other large technology companies focused on the development of AI systems.

Apple would not be paying OpenAI to use ChatGPT
Apple would not be paying OpenAI to use ChatGPT. REUTERS/Illustration/File Photo/File Photo

“People will have a preference for certain models that they want to use, maybe one that’s great for creative writing or one that’s especially useful for coding. We want to make it easy for users to have access to the tool of their choice. It is possible that we will make additions with different algorithms such as Google Gemini in the future,” Federighi reportedly said.

What Apple Intelligence would look like with Google, OpenAI, and more

The set of new features powered by artificial intelligence is called Apple Intelligence. It is a fact that OpenAI will be part of this system.

If Google and other companies were included, users, for example, would have a Siri with several artificial intelligences capable of answering queries with several databases.

For example, if someone asks Siri about the weather, this person will have an answer based on information from Google, OpenAI, and more sources.

This Siri with Apple Intelligence will be in iOS 18
This Siri with Apple Intelligence will be in iOS 18. (Apple)

How much Apple pays OpenAI to use ChatGPT

Apple will use ChatGPT for various iOS 18 features such as writing correction, summaries, smart email inboxes, among others. Some people would believe that Apple is paying OpenAI millions of dollars to use its AI. According to the same report, it seems not.

Apple believes that the visibility that OpenAI will obtain from being present on hundreds of millions of the company’s devices has a value comparable to or greater than an economic payment.

In addition, it is rumored that Apple would seek the same agreement with Google and the rest of the companies mentioned above.

But it might be unlikely that Google would be limited by Apple’s recognition alone and if it sought financial compensation.

iPhone will feature improvements in design, privacy and changes to native application
iPhone will feature improvements in design, privacy and changes to native applications. (Apple)

What is Apple Intelligence

Apple Intelligence is an artificial intelligence platform from Apple Inc., announced at WWDC 2024. It integrates on-device and server-side processing, and is part of iOS 18, iPadOS 18, and macOS Sequoia. It collaborates with OpenAI, allowing Siri to use ChatGPT to handle complex user requests effectively.

Which models will have access to Apple Intelligence

Apple Intelligence will be available soon on iOS 18, iPadOS 18, and macOS Sequoia operating systems.

– iOS 18

It will be available as a free software update for the iPhone Xs and later.

– iPadOS 18

It will be on: iPad: Seventh generation and later; iPadMini fifth generation and later; iPad Air third generation and later (including M2); iPad Pro 11-inch first-generation and later, iPad Pro 12.9-inch third-generation and later (including M4).

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