Apple would launch MacBook Pros with M4 by the end of the year

The entry-level model would arrive with the M4 processor, while the other two with the Pro and Max versions

Apple would launch MacBook Pros with M4 by the end of the year
The M4 processor is the new chip in the Apple Silicon range

After being presented alongside the new iPad ProApple is expected to launch MacBook Pros with M4 processors by the end of the year, as indicated by the expert analyst in displays, Ross Young. According to Young, mass production of the 14-inch and 16-inch panels would begin during the third quarter of 2024, suggesting a launch soon after.

After presenting the M4 chip during the Let Loose event on May 7, it was expected that this Apple silicon processor would also arrive in the Mac range. And the timing makes sense, as Apple usually introduces and launches new Mac models at the end of the year, just as it did with the MacBook Pro and M3 processor.

MacBook Pros with M4 processors will be with us in a few months

We can expect the entry-level MacBook Pro model to incorporate the M4 processor that the iPad Pro has. In the case of the 14-inch and 16-inch MacBook Pros, they will most likely arrive with the Pro and Max versions of the M4. On the other hand, the Mac mini would incorporate the M4 and M4 Pro depending on each user’s configuration.

As for the MacBook Air, Mac Studio and Mac Pro, they wouldn’t be updated with the M4 processor until next year and it’s unclear when it would be the turn of the iMac, which was updated with the M3 processor last year. It seems that the plans would remain the same as we already knew thanks to previous reports.

The M4 chip stands out for its advances, as it now has up to 28,000 million transistors. But that’s not all, as its CPU is 50% faster than that of the M2 chip, which is present inside the iPad Pro launched two years ago. This has been achieved thanks to TSMC’s new 3nm process technique. The CPU is made up of 10 cores, with 4 performance cores and 6 efficiency cores.

Now we have yet to see the improved versions of this chip, which promise a lot. Apple may be holding a small event again in a few months to tell us all the news about the new MacBook Pros and the M4 Pro and M4 Max processors.



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