Contact Lenses With Micro Display

Contact lense with micro display

You have seen in some movies, characters wearing contact lenses with built in tracker and micro display. Yes, it could be reality. Belgian technologist at Center on microsystems Technology at Ghent University created curved liquid crystal display for contact lenses. They are making it to display text messages directly in eyes.

In the previous LED-based contact lens, display is limited to few small pixels, but at imec’s innovation it uses entire display surface to project text. It means this display is applicable to broad range of pixel number and sizes.

These flexible displays are made by thin polymer films and integrate them on smooth spherical cell spherical cell. They create a very thin polymer and mold it to spherically curved display.

You can see a curved display working in lab in the video:

You can imagine the display presents a similar patterns as an an electronic pocket calculator display. The first prototype presented a pattern of dollar sign as you can see in the picture. Researchers speculate that in future, display could also function as head-up display, superimposing images to user’s normal view.

These displays project images wirelessly and receive text from smart phones. Researchers expects commercial applications will be available within five years.

Image & Video credit : Center on microsystems Technology



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