Epic Games presents its alternative store to the App Store to Apple: the return of Fortnite is approaching

Epic Games hopes to be able to launch its alternative store to the App Store in the next two months

Epic Games presents its alternative store to the App Store to Apple: the return of Fortnite is approaching
The Epic Games Store and Fortnite are coming soon to the iPhone

Apple allowed alternative app stores to the App Store because of the EU’s new Digital Markets Act. At the moment, only AltStore has been officially launched, but stores such as Setapp or Epic Games will arrive in the near future. In fact, the latter has already been presented to Apple so that it can be launched.

The arrival of the Epic Games Store on the iPhone and iPad would allow its most famous game, Fortnite, to return after four years. Recall that the famous game was removed from the App Store in 2020 because the company failed to comply with the rules of the app store of the company with the bitten apple.

Fortnite will return to iPhone and iPad soon

By violating the rules of the App Store, there was no way for Fortnite to return to Apple’s app store because the courts ruled in favor of the Cupertino people. Now, the famous Epic Games game will be able to return to the iPhone and iPad thanks to the new European legislation.

In fact, the Epic Games Store is very close, as it is expected to launch in the next two months. However, according to Apple’s new policies, stores and apps have to pass a notorization process, which involves human verification. A process that, in some cases, has been prolonged over time.

Once the notorization process has passed, these apps must pay the 0.50 cent install-based fee when downloads exceed one million. Alternative stores like AltStore and Epic Games, once it launches, also pay such a fee for each install of the store itself, as the million downloads don’t apply.

Fortnite and the Epic Games Store have already been pitched to Apple for release in the EU. This means that the launch is very close. Now it remains to be seen how long the process of notorization by Apple takes, a process that is carried out to verify that apps and stores are secure.



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