Forget iOS 18: Apple has already started the development of iOS 19

The development of iOS 19 codenamed Luck and other operating systems would have already begun

Forget iOS 18, Apple has already started the development of iOS 19
iOS 19 will be the iPhone version that will be released in 2025

Apple announced iOS 18 and other operating systems recently at the annual developer conference, but it has already started with the development of iOS 19. This means that the times for 2025 will be the same and that the next update for iPhone will be presented again during the month of June.

As Mark Gurman points out in the his latest weekly newsletter, Power On, in Cupertino they have already begun the development of iOS 19, codenamed “Luck”, and the other versions of all its operating systems for iPad, Mac, Apple Watch, etc.

We already have the first iOS 19 rumor

iOS 18 is still in development; In fact, its public beta has not yet been launcheda launch that is expected in July. However, the company with the bitten apple is already looking to the future and has begun the development not only of iOS 19, but of all its operating systems. And all with their own code name:

  • iOS 19: “Luck”.
  • macOS 16: “Cheer.”
  • watchOS 12: “Nepali”.
  • visionOS 3: “Discovery”.

Mark Gurman points out that this move is because Apple would also be developing hardware that we will see in the future, so it needs the software versions that they will run to check that everything works correctly. Although, truth be told, the company plans its moves this way in advance.

An example of this anticipation is that iPhones that are released during the month of September are planned during the month of December before or even earlier. Having started so early with the software versions that we will see in 2025 could also mean more time to think about new features, as well as that the new version arrives with fewer bugs.

Recall that iOS 18 has included new features such as home screen customization, Control Center customization, the new Passwords app, the ability to lock or hide apps, and much more. iOS 18 will be released during the month of September along with the new iPhone 16 series.



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