If you have a Mac with an Intel processor, you won’t be able to use these new features in macOS Sequoia

Two Apple Intelligence features will not be available on Macs with Intel chips and will remain exclusive to Apple Silicon. There will surely be more in the future

If you have a Mac with an Intel processor you wont be able to use these new features in macOS Sequoia
MacBook Pro with M3 chip

Apple recently held its developer conference, in which it presented all its news in terms of software for this course. Also during the keynote, Sequoia, the new version of macOS, was announced, which comes with a long list of new features including artificial intelligence, new tools aimed at creative users and a greater focus on productivity.

However, not all of these features will be available to everyone. Apparently, a few are going to be exclusive to Apple Silicon chips, which means that users who are still using an Intel-based Mac are going to be left out of part of what this update brings.

Here’s what’s left out for Intel-based Macs

As 9to5Mac tells us, there are two key features that are not going to appear outside the 100% Apple ecosystem:

  • Apple Intelligence: The AI features announced by Apple will only be available from M1 chips or higher. Intel users will not be able to participate in the Cupertino company’s leap towards generative artificial intelligence models.
  • Live Audio Transcription: This feature allows you to record audio in the Voice Memos app, which can then be converted to text using artificial intelligence and natively. Again, this feature is also left out of all Macs that do not have Apple Silicon.

Except for these features, everything else that was announced will be present on Macs on both platforms. It makes sense that Apple prefers not to invest in adapting these functions for Intel processors; they make their own chips and can optimize AI features better for themselves than for third-party ones.

Perhaps the most interesting feature that will be present in both Mac variants is the ability to view the iPhone screen on your Mac, something that has been possible on Android for some time.



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