If you want to learn digital marketing, Google offers a free 40-hour online course

One of the courses offered by Google will allow you to improve your mastery of digital marketing

If you want to learn digital marketing, Google offers a free 40-hour online course
Google promotes many courses of this type to enhance its position as a marketing tool

Google is offering free digital marketing training through its platform. Continuous learning has always been a key part of anyone who works in any sector with computer technology in between. Digital marketing, in fact, has an increasingly large portion in the marketing and advertising sector on an integral level. That is why Google offers a free 40-hour course that offers training to users.

40 free hours of digital marketing

Google, aware of the importance of continuous training, and with the obvious interest in training people in its marketing ecosystem, offers a completely free online course in which digital marketing will become a strong ally for the student. This course, which can be found at this link, also has an evaluation exam that will award a digital badge.

As for the itinerary of content and objectives of the marketing course that Google offers, it should be noted that it has a duration of 40 hours, and in that time it is expected that the student has taken significant steps in aspects of digital marketing such as web analytics, taking advantage of search engines and SEO at the content level. or the use of digital marketing resources focused on mobiles, the most used digital platform in the world.

The weight of technology in the labour market

With each passing year, there is no doubt that technology has an increasing influence on the job market. It is no longer just a matter of adapting to the new changes in various sectors, but these same advances are generating new job niches whose demand continues to grow. That is why a person who wants to enter the labor market will be able to find more options in thriving segments compared to sectors in greater disuse.

For example, Artificial Intelligence is being one of the greatest architects of the changes that have taken place in the recent labor fabric. Thus, in this way, opportunities such as those offered by Meta to learn to program in LlaMathe generative AI focused on software programming, can be very useful to continue advancing. Likewise, you should not give up if professionally you are far from these sectors, as there are also computer courses for beginners.



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