Instagram creates bots for content creators: How to use AI

Mark Zuckerberg mentioned that the new feature is currently in the testing phase for influencers in the United States

Instagram now allows the creation of chatbots for content creators
Instagram now allows the creation of chatbots for content creators. REUTERS/Illustration/File Photo

Now Instagram content creators can have their own AI-powered chatbot in their direct messages. Through his broadcast channel, Mark Zuckerberg pointed out that this function is in a trial mode in the United States.

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Don Allen Stevenson III is one of the first 50 influencers with this new option. To interact with your chatbot, followers need to head to your profile and select the ‘Message’ option.

In this way, a conversation with “AI Don Allen Stevenson” is enabled to interact with the Stevenson chatbot. Users have the opportunity to ask him about video games, applications, among other topics. All messages sent by AI Don Allen Stevenson are labeled as AI, and Meta noted that “some of them may be inaccurate or inappropriate.”

All messages sent by the bot are labeled as AI
All messages sent by the bot are labeled as AI. (Instagram: Mark Zuckerberg’s Broadcast Channel)

It should be clarified that the new chatbots feature differs from Instagram’s automated messages because they hold conversations on various topics according to the user’s interest and enable a completely new chat with the AI of the content creator in question.

What Instagram chatbots look like

Originally, Instagram chatbots were enabled for business accounts through AI Studio. Zuckerberg indicated that starting in the coming weeks, this feature would be available to some content creators in the United States.

Followers just have to look for the ‘Message’ option on the profile of their interest to start talking to the chatbot.

In a recent interview with Kallaway, Zuckerberg shared that this was an effort to get even more people to experiment with artificial intelligence.

What is Zuckerberg’s vision of the AI business?

In the same interview, Zuckerberg expressed his disagreement with the strategy of other companies competing with Meta in the development of artificial intelligence models.

“Many other companies are focused on building a single main artificial intelligence for interaction, such as Google’s Gemini and OpenAI’s ChatGPT,” the entrepreneur and programmer exemplified.

He spoke of his concern that the technology industry is only talking about creating a single and irrefutable artificial intelligence. “It’s almost as if they think they’re creating some kind of God or something similar,” Zuckerberg criticized.

Zuckerberg disagrees on how his competitors are creating AI models
Zuckerberg disagrees on how his competitors are creating AI models. REUTERS/File Photo

“We don’t think this is the right approach. People want to interact with more people and businesses, and we believe that different artificial intelligences are needed that can reflect these diverse interests,” Zuckerberg concluded.

What is Meta AI and what does it do?

Meta’s main artificial intelligence application is Meta AI. It is a virtual assistant incorporated into WhatsApp, Instagram and Facebook capable of answering queries and generating images from a text indication.

Meta AI is based on data from Llama 3, an artificial intelligence model developed by the same company. It is open source and is characterized by its ability to understand language and carry out difficult tasks such as translation and dialogue creation.

Meta AI is powered by Llama 3
Meta AI is powered by Llama 3. REUTERS/Illustration/File Photo/File Photo

What data is Meta AI trained on?

For an artificial intelligence application like Meta AI to work effectively, it requires an extensive database, which is taken from user posts on Facebook and Instagram since June 26, 2024.

This means that Meta can now take any photograph, video or publication in general as information to feed its artificial intelligence. For example, if a person uploaded a photograph of their underage sister’s birthday, Meta now has the power to use that image to train a photo-generating app.

Notably, this project was halted in the European Union, where Ireland’s Data Protection Commission (DPC) has expressed concerns. Despite this, Meta continues to move forward with this plan in other regions of the world.

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