Install the next updates on your Samsung Galaxy: Google has admitted a serious security flaw

A security flaw initially detected in the Pixel also seriously affects Samsung mobiles

Install the next updates on your Samsung Galaxy: Google has admitted a serious security flaw

Security is one of the most relevant aspects of today’s technology due to the growing risks of the network. Therefore, the security breach of the Samsung Galaxy, which arises from the same place as the one suffered by the Google Pixel last June, is forcing Samsung to work against the clock to solve the existing gap. Therefore, it is crucial that Samsung Galaxy users keep their phones updated as much as possible if they have already installed the June patch, where the breach was detected.

Security flaw from Google

According to Samsung’s developer notes, the patch that will arrive this July will fix several of the most critical security issues that currently exist in Samsung devices, although the work will not be finished in this month’s update yet, so Samsung urges users to take precautions related to the security of their device until they these gaps are completely solved.

These problems arise from the base version of Android, so the Pixel were the first phones to report such security breaches, which, a priori, were believed not to affect other brands. However, it is now known that this breach also affects devices beyond Pixel, and that Samsung is working against the clock to make sure that with the next security patches as many vulnerabilities as possible are fixed.

A chronic problem of technology

Unfortunately, technology in general, referring to elements that require software to function, can be prone to be attacked by external agents. These problems can range from privacy failures for the user to overexertion of components such as the processor, which can also be victims of computer attacks. Therefore, the security departments of the different companies are crucial to gradually cover any gaps that are found.

In fact, the progress of Artificial Intelligence, today, is also a point for which new security problems arise. Proof of this, for example, are the warnings from experts regarding the Windows Recall feature that Microsoft presented in recent weeks, and which raised controversy both for its invasive nature and for the amount of data it can collect from users and that can be stolen by cybercriminals.

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