iOS 18 allows us to easily restart the iPhone through Control Center

With the new Control Center in iOS 18 and the Shortcuts app, you can easily restart your iPhone

iOS 18 allows us to easily restart the iPhone through Control Center
Control Center is customizable in iOS 18

iOS 18 will arrive with the possibility of customizing the Control Center, being able to remove and add the controls we want, making it more versatile and personal. Among those controls that can be added are the shortcuts, which allow us to restart the iPhone easily from the Control Center. Although if you are not on iOS 18, you can ask Siri.

I’ve been with the developer beta since it was launched on June 10 and I’m not going to lie to you, I’m having different problems that are solved by restarting the iPhone, that’s why I came up with the idea of putting this control in the Control Center. What better place. This way, I have quick access to this action.

Restarting iPhone in iOS 18 is that easy

Although the iPhone can be restarted through Siri, you don’t always have access to your iPhone’s assistant, so you have to find other alternatives to do so. Thanks to iOS 18 and its new Control Center, we can do it through a button.

Thanks to the new Control Center and the Shortcuts application, it will be through a shortcut that we will be able to restart the iPhone. So what you will have to do first is download this shortcut and save it in the gallery, this way, you can use it whether you are on iOS 17iOS 18 or when you are on the new version for the iPhone.

Secondly, it will be necessary to put the new control in the Control Centre. You will simply have to edit, find the action of the Shortcuts app and choose the shortcut. Then, place it wherever you want and it will be ready for you to use. But when you press it, you’ll be asked to confirm the action to avoid unintentional touches.

Once the action is confirmed, the iPhone will restart. The restart process solves 90% of the problems that we may encounter, so it is important that this process can be streamlined or done in different ways depending on the context. Recall that iOS 18 is in beta phase, but the public version will be released in a few days and the official one during the month of September.



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