iOS 18 has an API that allows the experience with third-party accessories to be similar to that of AirPods

Third-party accessories can be connected to your iPhone using the same process as AirPods or AirTag

iOS 18 has an API that allows the experience with third-party accessories to be similar to that of AirPods
iOS 18 arrives with a new API called AccessorySetupKit

Apple announced AirPods in 2016 and introduced a novel pairing method that detects them and makes it considerably easier to connect them with the iPhone. This method replaces the process of having to access Bluetooth settings to connect them and now, thanks to iOS 18, it will be available to third-party accessory manufacturers as well.


This will be possible thanks to a new API that developers will be able to use so that the connection of third-party accessories to the iPhone is done through the same process as the AirPods or AirTag: through a pop-up that appears when the accessory is nearby and offers the option to connect it.

AccessorySetupKit: The API that will allow third-party accessories to connect like AirPods

Called the AccessorySetupKit, this new API provides third-party accessories with the same pairing experience enjoyed by AirPods or AirTags. As soon as the iPhone or iPad is updated to iOS and iPadOS 18, developers will have the opportunity to offer the same experience on their accessories that AirPods offer.

This means that pairing a device will be as easy as pairing the AirPods or AirTag: via a pop-up that appears when the device is detected. With just one touch, the system will automatically manage all Bluetooth or Wi-Fi connectivity required by the accessory.

But this new API doesn’t stop there, it goes further. If the accessory needs more information, the system will be able to request it to facilitate its introduction and keep the process just as agile. This is a way to make the connection of third-party devices similar to that of Apple devices.

iOS 18 and iPadOS 18 have also introduced APIs so that developers can integrate them into their apps and provide a better user experience. Some standout features include the new Photos app, which is now customizable, as well as the Home screen and Control Center. Recall that these versions will be officially released in September, but the public beta will be available next month.



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