iOS 18 will also allow you to hide the name from below widgets and apps

iOS 18 will also include the option to hide the name of apps and widgets on the home screen thanks to a new option

iOS 18 will also allow you to hide the name from below widgets and apps
iOS 18 will bring personalization to the iPhone home screen

iOS 18 has introduced important customization features both on the home screen and in Control Center. These innovations include the ability to freely place app icons on the screen, change the color of icons, or hide the name that appears below widgets or app icons.

In iPadOS, the name of the apps does not appear below the widgets, and this feature has been adopted by iOS as well. One of the options offered to us is to expand the size of the icons and widgets, an option that hides the names under the widgets and apps as it requires more space for a larger display.

The option of larger icons and widgets is key

When iOS 18 is available, we’ll have several options for customizing the home screen. On the one hand, we can position the icons freely on the screen, providing great flexibility. On the other hand, the option to darken the icons and widgets when activating dark mode will be introduced and, finally, we will be able to select the desired color for all of them.

In addition to these options, we have another significant one: that of increasing the size of widgets and icons. With this setting, the names that normally appear below apps and widgets will disappear. To turn this option on, follow the steps below:

  1. Long press anywhere on the screen to activate personalization mode.
  2. At the top left, select “Edit.”
  3. Click “Customize.”
  4. Choose the “Large” option.

Once this option is selected, the icons and widgets will increase in size, hiding the names to allow everything to fit on the screen. It’s a new version of the old zoom view that was available in previous versions of iOS. Recall that iOS 18 is currently in beta, but a version will soon be released to the public before its official release in September.



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