iOS 18 will have a new wallpaper that will change color depending on the time of day

iOS 18 will have a dynamic wallpaper that will change throughout the day

iOS 18 will have a new wallpaper that will change color depending on the time of day
iOS 18 will have a new dynamic wallpaper

The third beta of iOS 18 for developers has already been released and has arrived with interesting new features, such as a new interface for the keyboard, improvements in the customization of the home screen, new icons and a renewed iOS 18 wallpaper that changes automatically according to the time of day.

As with all new versions of iOS, iOS 18 will arrive with a new default wallpaper. However, in the third beta a small detail has been included: the possibility of being dynamic. This option is in addition to the colors we already had, which were yellow, pink, blue, and purple. Dynamic mode brings them all together and changes them throughout the day.

The default wallpaper of iOS 18 will be dynamic

As the name suggests, the Dynamic option will make the wallpaper change throughout the day automatically. This way, if you don’t know which color option to choose, you can have them all. Thus, depending on the time of day, you will have the color blue, pink, yellow or purple.

It is not known for sure what the reason is that changes the color of the wallpaper, but it is speculated that it may be because of the time of day. The warmest colors appear in the morning and the coldest in the afternoon-night to symbolize the passage of the day. But it is something that we will have to check.

In the third beta of iOS 18, a new interface for the keyboard has also been added, which makes the emoticons look larger and, in the recent section, the emojis and stickers that we use the most appear, all together. A change that will take some getting used to, but I think it is here to stay.

Remember that the third beta for developers is the prelude to the launch of the public beta, so it shouldn’t take long to see it. Maybe this week or next week, at the latest. The final version will be released in September, so both the new wallpaper and keyboard interface could be removed or modified.



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