iPhone 16 battery will be easier to replace, thanks to EU

Although the EU aims for all batteries to be removable by 2027, Apple plans to improve the repairability of its batteries by 2025

iPhone 16 battery will be easier to replace, thanks to EU
iPhone batteries will be more easily repairable from next year

Apple is working on a significant improvement for the battery of the next iPhone 16, focused on making it easier to replace (apart from making it count as the best battery in its history, among other important new features). This initiative responds both to new European Union legislation, which requires smartphone manufacturers to allow users to replace batteries with accessible tools, and to the growing demand for more sustainable and easy-to-repair devices.

EU legislation on the “right to repair” aims to promote sustainability and reduce e-waste. The rule, which is expected to come into force in 2025, has led Apple to rethink the design of its batteries. For the iPhone 16, Apple plans to roll out changes that will simplify the battery replacement process, moving away from its tradition of hard-to-access and hard-to-repair components.

The right to reparability is not optional according to the EU

In addition to complying with the new legal requirements, Apple is also focused on making its products greener. The company has announced that by 2025, all of its batteries will use recycled cobalt, and components such as circuit boards and magnets will also incorporate recycled materials. These efforts could be anticipated in the iPhone 16, aligning with its goal of improving its environmental credentials.

The production of these new batteries is not only limited to a design change, but also to an adjustment in the supply chain. Apple has been ramping up its production capacity in India, diversifying its operations outside of China. This includes increasing local battery production, with new and expanded factories to ensure a stable and sustainable supply for future iPhones.

Although battery changes are a crucial part of the iPhone 16’s improvements, the overall updates aren’t expected to be as significant as those of the iPhone 15. However, users could see additional benefits in areas such as performance, spatial video capture, and new AI features.

The upcoming iPhone 16 promises to be an easier to repair and more environmentally friendly device, in line with new regulations and Apple’s sustainability goals. This strategy not only complies with the new laws, but also reflects a growing trend towards environmental responsibility and ease of repair in the tech industry. However, everything seems to indicate that it will still be necessary to take the phone to a technical service to replace the power unit.



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