Johnny Depp and Christian Bale shine in this movie that you can watch for free in streaming

The film takes us to live the era of the Great Depression in the United States

Johnny Depp and Christian Bale shine in this movie that you can watch for free in streaming
Depp acts as John Dillinger

Gangster movies and series have evolved over the years in a remarkable way. His figure, from Al Capone to Bonnie & Clyde, has become something imitable time and time again. In fact, despite the fact that they were criminals, public opinion has not always seen them as such, even considering them heroes who opposed the State. Today it’s time to talk about a film that recreates the life of a criminal who was considered a real star.

An old-fashioned mobster movie

Melvin Purvis is an FBI agent who has a very important mission. Arrange for the hunt and capture of one of the most famous bank robbers in the entire United States. To do this, he will hunt down the members of his gang one by one. To achieve his goal he will be cruel and unflappable, but he will not stop until he finds John Dillinger, the most stoic and famous thief of the 30s. Thus, during the Age of Public Enemies, the film takes us back to a truly exciting time.

Public Enemies is based on a history book that shows us a real character. John Dillinger was one of the most famous bank robbers of his time. He was a real star who has permeated the history of society in a truly surprising way. Along with others such as Bonnie and Clyde, many followed in his footsteps and admired him as a true hero for his ability to rob banks and escape from the police in the Midwest of the United States. However, he was also one of the most feared criminals of his time.

The role is played by Johnny Depp, and his counterpart, the law enforcement officer who pursues him is none other than Christian Bale, so we are facing two actors of great stature and who demonstrate their level in one of their most mythical performances. In addition, Depp’s role is far from being typecast as in some of the roles he played after Pirates of the Caribbean, while Bale maintains his impeccable style as one of the most famous method actors in existence today.

Michael Mann is behind the camera to direct this film. The director of The Last of the Mohicans takes us through a truly interesting story in which the lines between good guys and bad guys, order and chaos, are truly fine.

It has a fairly deep catalog, in which we can find its own creation series as well as international films and series of great relevance.



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