Microsoft confirms issues in Windows 11 security update

The latest Windows 11 update has arrived with a number of issues that make the user experience chaotic

Microsoft confirms issues in Windows 11 security update
New problems in Windows 11 after the latest security update: these are all the bugs that have appeared

The Windows 11 security update has landed with a series of bugs that are hindering the user experience. These failures are general, in fact, Microsoft has recognized this situation, which puts all users who want to install this update on their computers on alert.

Despite the fact that it is common to have errors in Windows updates, being something that Microsoft itself solves with the following releases. This time, something that is rare among these releases has happened and that is that the errors of the new update are worse than those of the previous version.

New problems in Windows 11 after the latest update

The bugs affect both applications and processes and the overall performance of Windows 11 on PCs. In fact, the latter is the biggest problem with the latter. Windows 11 performance on PCs that have received the latest security update offers lower performance.

The performance failure is directly related to CPU usage, computers that have received this security patch are experiencing how their computers show high CPU usage by the system. In fact, complaints on Microsoft’s official forums have not been long in coming.

Continuing with the errors, the Photos app is unable to start. The affected version is 2024.11050.29009.0 along with subsequent versions, Microsoft has offered an explanation on the company’s app release page.

What can be read is that the error is already being investigated in order to put an end to it. It is most likely that a new version will be released over the next few weeks that solves this problem, although it will take time for this solution to reach the hands of users.

The situation is complicated for all users with Windows 11 on their computers, although those with Windows 11 Pro face another problem due to the fact that they cannot upgrade to Enterprise Edition. This process cannot be completed successfully.

Microsoft has made it clear that all these problems are affecting the proper functioning of Windows 11, now we just have to wait for it to offer a solution to users. We will have to be attentive to all the information that comes from the Redmond company. Of course, it would be expected that together with the release of the new security patch, this series of problems will end.



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