Mozilla plans to integrate chatbots into Firefox to make them easier for users to use

Firefox Nightly users will be able to summarize texts, simplify language, and ask questions to ChatGPT, Gemini, HuggingChat, and Le Chat Mistral

Mozilla plans to integrate chatbots into Firefox to make them easier for users to use
Mozilla Firefox, released in 2002, is still one of the most popular web browsers

Firefox’s blog Nightly, dedicated to publishing news about Mozilla Firefox’s open-source browser, shared on Monday that it will be adding AI-powered services to improve the experience and productivity of its users. Indeed, we are talking about the most popular AI-based chatbots today, and that the user will have the freedom to choose which one they want to use.

Firefox Nightly will allow us to use 4 popular chatbots

First of all, Mozilla clarifies that this AI functionality will be completely optional for users of this developing version of Firefox, as it is not integrated into any main functionality and will be in their hands whether they want to take advantage of its usefulness or not. Obviously, only Nightly users will be able to enjoy it, who will have four chatbots available:

  • ChatGPT, by OpenAI.
  • Gemini, from Google.
  • HuggingChat, from the American company Hugging Face.
  • Le Chat Mistral, from the French company Mistral AI.

As you can see, some are more well-known than others, but all of them can be added to Firefox Nightly’s sidebar for quick and easy access while you’re browsing the web. To start using them, you will only have to activate the experience from the “Settings” section, then enter the “Night experiments” section and finally click on the “AI Chatbot integration” button to choose your favorite chatbot and start tinkering with it.

Firefox Nightlys new chatbot service performing on Wikipedia
Firefox Nightly’s new chatbot service performing on Wikipedia / Image: Firefox Nightly News

When the experiment is activated, you can access any web page and select the text you want, click on the right mouse button and choose “Ask X chatbot”, as you can see just above, in the example from Wikipedia. The service offers different possibilities to the user, from summarizing the text in question to make it easier to understand to simplifying the language, to asking the chatbot itself questions about the content to discover more things.

If you’re wondering why Firefox has decided to implement several chatbots in its experimental Nightly browser, the company itself has said that “users should be able to choose the service that best suits their needs and not be limited to a single provider.” In addition, they add that none of these models are perfect, they are still being developed and improved, so some are good at some things and others at others.



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