New LG OLED evo M4, the world’s first TV with 4K wireless streaming at 144Hz

The new LG OLED evo M4 TV series hits the market with Zero Connect Box that allows 4K fully wireless connection at 144 Hz

New LG OLED evo M4, the world's first TV with 4K wireless streaming at 144Hz
The LG OLED evo M4 the Zero Connect Box system that allows wireless connection and 4K transmission at 144 Hz

The new LG OLED evo M4 TV series has hit the market with a feature that promises to change the way you enjoy audiovisual content at home. This TV is the first in the world capable of transmitting video and audio wirelessly at 4K and 144Hz, thanks to its Zero Connect Box.

Technical specifications and features

The LG OLED evo M4 comes in a variety of sizes to suit users’ needs and preferences. It will be available in 65, 77, 83 and 97 inches. One of the main innovations of this model is the ability of its Zero Connect Box to send signals to the OLED screen without the need for direct cables. This allows for greater flexibility in the arrangement of the space, as the Zero Connect Box can be placed almost anywhere in the room.

The Zero Connect Box not only makes it easier to organize the space, but it also eliminates cable clutter, offering a simple and aesthetic solution for a cleaner environment. This device allows you to move the screen or the Zero Connect Box itself effortlessly, opening up new possibilities for decorating and designing where you want to place the TV.

The LG OLED evo M4 next to the Zero Connect Box

In terms of picture quality, the LG OLED evo M4 features a self-illuminated display and the new α (Alpha) 11 AI processor. Designed exclusively for LG OLED TVs, this processor uses three decades of AI innovations to deliver personalized experiences tailored to users’ preferences and habits.

The AI processing speed, coupled with the Neural Processing Unit (NPU), makes the M4 an advanced choice for gaming, supporting 4K content at 144Hz and delivering smooth gameplay and optimal image quality. Of course, in the 97-inch model the wireless transmission only supports 4K and 120 Hz.

Price and availability

The LG OLED evo M4 with the Zero Connect Box will begin its global rollout from July 1, 2024. It will be available in the main markets of the world, although the specific prices have not yet been announced and we will have to wait to see if full list of countries. This model is intended for the premium segment of the TV market.

The LG OLED evo M4 introduces an innovative form of high-quality wireless transmission and raises the bar in terms of design and functionality.



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