Official: the CMF By Nothing Phone (1) will be presented on July 8 along with two other new products

On July 8, CMF by Nothing will present its first smartphone along with the second generation of its headphones and smartwatch

The CMF By Nothing Phone (1) will be presented on July 8 along with two other new products
The CMF by Nothing Phone (1) will be presented next month

As we imagine you already know if you read us regularly, Nothing has a second brand called CMF. This second brand has already presented a smart watch, which we have also already been able to analyze. And as we advanced not long ago, CMF intended to present a smartphone to add to its ecosystem.

Well, we already have a presentation date for the CMF by Nothing Phone (1), the first smartphone from the second Nothing brand to hit the market. And not only do we have the date, but we also have the place where it will be done and the announcement that he will not come alone.

A smartphone, a watch and headphones: what’s next at CMF

In addition to the brand’s first phone, what we know is that along with the smartphone two more devices will be presented: the CMF Buds Pro 2 headphones and the CMF Watch Pro 2 watch. Although they are relatively recent products, the brand wants to launch its second generation now, so that they accompany its first smartphone.

As you can see in the image that presides over this article and in the post above these lines, it seems that this CMF by Nothing Phone (1) is going to serve to put a lot of emphasis on the design of the unit. Both Nothing and CMF know that one of their trump cards is in the appearance of their terminals and it is something that they are going to take care of. On the other hand, the images do not reveal much.

We do know that it seems that we are going to find ourselves in front of a range of high-contrast colors in terms of the options in which the phone can be obtained. For now, that strident orange color that we see in the image they published in X is very striking and at no time unpleasant.

The most interesting thing about this terminal, however, will not be the colors or the texture of the back cover. Apparently, the CMF by Nothing Phone (1) will incorporate a dial, which would go in one of the corners of the device and integrated in a way that only a part of it is embossed.

We also know that this phone will target a younger audience than Nothing, so it will also have a much more contained price range than its older siblings. Be that as it may, on July 8 at 11 a.m. we will find out of doubts. London is the setting chosen by CMF, we will see what it presents to us then.



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