Phil Schiller to join OpenAI’s board of directors to oversee Apple deal

Phil Schiller will act as an observer, will be able to attend board meetings and will have no decision-making power

Phil Schiller to join OpenAIs board of directors to oversee Apple deal
Apple Fellow Phil Schiller to Oversee OpenAI Agreement

Apple and OpenAI have an agreement whereby ChatGPT will be integrated into Apple Intelligence-compatible iPhones by the end of the year. This agreement will be overseen by Apple Fellow Phil Schiller, who will join as an observer within the ranks of the company behind one of the most famous chatbots of the moment.

According to Bloomberg, the current head of the App Store will act as an observer within OpenAI’s board in the agreement with Apple, with which ChatGPT will be integrated into Apple devices in iOS 18iPadOS 18 and macOS Sequoia as one of the features of Apple Intelligence later this year.

Apple is very serious about the agreement with OpenAI

An observer role is an informal position that will allow Phil Schiller to attend as a participant and contribute to OpenAI meetings, but without being able to vote on the decisions that need to be made. On the other hand, OpenAI has also appointed an observer, who will accompany the Apple Fellow in this new adventure.

OpenAI’s good relationship with Microsoft is well known, so it is possible that future board meetings will discuss issues of both companies with Schiller present. That situation, as Bloomberg states, is contemplated, and Microsoft will be able to request that Phil Schiller be excluded from such meetings.

ChatGPT integration on iPhone
ChatGPT integration on iPhone

The agreement between Apple and OpenAI will allow the integration of the company’s chatbot into Apple Intelligence-compatible devices, securely and privately. In fact, before using ChatGPT, users will have to confirm this action before processing any questions or requests.

Let’s also remember that users will have free access to the chatbot’s functions without having to create an account. On the other hand, users who are subscribers will be able to link their account and enjoy all the advantages provided by paying for the Plus subscription of the service.



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