Pixel Fold prototype with Pixel 6 design and stylus support comes to light

A new prototype of what ended up being the Google Pixel Fold has appeared, proving that its late 2021 release date was very close

Pixel Fold prototype with Pixel 6 design and stylus support comes to light
Google Pixel Fold, Google’s foldable

Since April of last year we have been without news of a new Pixel Fold. The Big G’s foldable phone is more notorious for its shortcomings, than for all the things it is capable of, unfortunately. At the beginning of the year, a never-before-seen prototype of this same terminal appeared for sale and, as you can see from the headline of this article, it is not going to be the only one that comes to the fore these months.

According to information published on 9to5Google, there is a new prototype of the Pixel Fold compatible with a stylus that has emerged today from the mists of the past. Apparently, this device is what was initially known as Passport, later being called “pipit”.

This is the foldable Pixel that came back from the past

According to the media, both Passport and pipit were different projects at some point, although they later converged into a single project. The only images you can see of what the device looked like are accompanying this article, as none of the ones that originally appeared on the XDA Developers forum have survived.

Externally it seems to be practically identical to the Pixel Fold, except for the camera island, which is more reminiscent of the Pixel 6. Otherwise, everything about its design seems to fit in with the direction that Google ended up deciding not long after.

However, we know that the original plan to launch Google’s first foldable at the end of 2021 did not materialize (in fact it would still take two years to present it), but they were very close to achieving it. The forensic analysis of the terminal’s hardware determines that it has a Tensor processor that we could consider to be the first generation, along with an Exynos 5123 modem.

In addition to this, thanks to that same analysis we know that Google planned for pipit to support a stylus in the style of the Galaxy Z Fold, but it seems that the idea was later discarded due to the “impact on durability” of the terminal that the brand was convinced it would have.



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