Resident Evil Village is one of the new games that are already supported by Nvidia GeForce Now

This time there are three games and a demo that are added to the compatibility with Nvidia’s cloud gaming service

Resident Evil Village is one of the new games that are already supported by Nvidia GeForce Now
Resident Evil Village is one of the new games coming Nvidia GeForce Now

Cloud gaming is making more and more inroads in the gaming world and two of its main services today are those of Xbox and Nvidia, with their respective Xbox Cloud Gaming and Nvidia GeForce Now. The latter is the one we come to talk about in this post, as it has recently announced new games that join the catalog compatible with GeForce Now. One of those proposals is one of those great games that arrived not too long ago on the iPhone 15 Pro and above, although the success that this one has had, like the rest of the titles that have ended up reaching Apple devices, has been very limited, apparently.

Be that as it may, we have come here to talk about Nvidia GeForce Now and its new additions, which consist of three games and a demo. Earlier we let slip that the most outstanding title of this announcement was Resident Evil Village, and so it is, although this one does not come alone, since the demo that arrives on the Nvidia service is that of the aforementioned installment of the iconic Capcom saga. So, if you’re thinking of buying Village yet, you can now try its demo with the best that this streaming service offers its users.

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Resident Evil Village is one of 3 new games coming to Nvidia GeForce Now

With the introductions done and before continuing with this publication, it is time to reveal the new games that are already compatible with Nvidia GeForce Now. The titles are as follows:

  • Beyond Good & Evil – 20th Anniversary Edition (new on Steam and Ubisoft)
  • Drug Dealer Simulator 2 (Steam)
  • Resident Evil Village (Steam)
  • Resident Evil Village Demo (Steam)

These three games and the demo of Resident Evil Village itself can now be enjoyed from any mobile device or PC, regardless of whether it is ready to run video games or not, through GeForce Now. Of course, remember that, to play them from Nvidia’s cloud gaming service, you have to have them on the platforms indicated. In this case, all of these can be played in streaming from its Steam version, while in the case of Beyond Good & Evil – 20th Anniversary Edition, in addition to its version on the Valve store, it is also compatible with the Ubisoft platform.

Additionally, remember that if you have a Priority or Ultimate account you can play all these titles with various improvements, such as ray tracing and HDR mode, without forgetting the Nvidia DLSS, which squeezes the power of artificial intelligence to improve the performance of games without harming graphic quality.



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