Sam Altman talks about GPT-5 and compares it to GPT-4: “a big leap forward”

Sam Altman shares information about the development of GPT-5, being a model aimed at fixing GPT-4 bugs and improving everything

Sam Altman talks about GPT-5 and compares it to GPT-4: a big leap forward
GPT-5 is in development and this is all Sam Altman has said about it

In the words of Sam Altman, GPT-5 will be a generational leap compared to GPT-4. However, the development of its new model is still in a production phase and it has not revealed any date on which its launch is expected. Despite wanting to be cautious during his participation in the Aspen Festival of Ideas, he has made it clear that GPT-5 will be a revolution.

Sam Altman has indicated that one of the bases of GPT-5 is based on offering a superior ability to reason to GPT-4. In fact, the CEO of OpenAI himself has indicated that GPT-4 usually makes errors at the level of reasoning and that they are unacceptable because they are silly mistakes that no six-year-old child would make.

Troubleshooting GPT-4 is one of the pillars of GPT-5’s development, at least for the time being because it is in its development phase. In fact, Sam Altman insists that they are not yet close to being able to set a date for the release of GPT-5 and that, for the moment, it continues to offer errors that are not acceptable so there is still work to be done.

GPT-5 is in development and this is all Sam Altman has said about it

It is still too early to talk about the scope or impact that GPT-5 will have. Despite this, it is clear that OpenAI will continue to lead this sector, being one of the leading companies in terms of AI. In addition, thanks to the Microsoft relationship and the launch of utilities such as Copilot, access to this new technology for users has been improved.

Sam Altman’s statements aside, GPT-5 is expected to grow in size and possibilities. But when having to develop this model, a series of doubts arise in this regard and the main one is: where are they getting the information from? To achieve this type of technology, huge amounts of data are needed.

Despite the fact that much of the information is contained on the internet and its access is public, companies such as OpenAI raid where humans roam freely to create these models. It is not the first time that this has caused controversy, Google pays 60 million dollars a year to train its AI with Reddit data, only this time this information is not yet known.

Now, all that remains is to wait for OpenAI to present GPT-5 and see how the rest of the companies respond. The AI race may be reaching a point of vital maturity to stabilize the industry, but this means that competing models need to offer real and tangible benefits in use for users because otherwise, OpenAI will continue to reign supreme in this industry.



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