Samsung will take advantage of the iPhone 16 Pro and Google Pixel 9 with a key component

The next top-of-the-range Apple and Google will use the same display, and Samsung will be responsible for manufacturing it

Samsung will take advantage of the iPhone 16 Pro and Google Pixel 9 with a key component
Recreation of the hypothetical Google Pixel 9, with Samsung’s OLED screen

It’s official. The summer will also be entertaining in the smartphone industry thanks to the imminent presentation of the sixth foldable generation of the giant Samsung, which will then wait patiently and with its wallet ready to take its cut of the Google Pixel 9. In fact, the next generation of Google smartphones will see the light of day in Mountain View on August 13 with a key component manufactured by Samsung itself, and that apparently will even be shared with Apple.

Not surprisingly, the colleagues at FoneArena confirm following South Korean sources, ETNews the main one, that in this 2024 academic year both Google’s Pixel 9 series and the iPhone 16 Pro will use the same screen, specifically Samsung’s latest OLED model with organic material ‘M14’.

Both Google’s Pixel 9 series and Apple’s upcoming top-of-the-range iPhone 16 Pro will share Samsung’s latest OLED display model with organic ‘M14’ material, evolving even above the Galaxy S24 Ultra.

It is true that Apple will come out later to compete, probably in the first days of September, although it will do so sharing a screen specification with the latest Google Pixel that even evolves above the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra, although obviously Samsung is less concerned about that as it will continue to benefit from its most direct competition.

As for this evolution, it has transpired that this ‘M14’ organic material is new, pioneering in its class and achieving better performance in terms of brightness, efficiency and useful life of the OLED panel itself. We will have to try it, because in reality the screens of the Samsung Galaxy S24 with ‘M13’ material already looked spectacular reaching brightness of up to 2,600 nits.

They say in Korea that these ‘M14’ panels will also equip the Galaxy S25 family in the next year, so Google and Apple will be ahead of Samsung itself with the latest Samsung Display specification. In the case of the Cupertino firm, only the most high-performance models will have this OLED screen, as the iPhone 16 and 16 Plus should have the 2023 OLED with ‘M12’ material, much cheaper.

It is not strange at all. Samsung is a main supplier of several key components for many other manufacturers, having in its catalog chips, memories, photographic sensors and what are probably the best OLED screens on the market… Now all that remains is to confirm the news on August 13th!



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