Siri will be able to have the name you want thanks to iOS 18

Thanks to the Voice Shortcuts feature, we can rename Siri in iOS 18

Siri will be able to have the name you want thanks to iOS 18
iOS 18 allows you to rename Siri

The arrival of iOS 18 has brought new accessibility features, such as the ability to control the iPhone with your eyes or a feature that prevents motion sickness when using the iPhone in a vehicle. Among these functions is also a so-called Voice Shortcuts, which allows you to perform actions with commands, including invoking Siri.

It is now possible to assign a custom activation command for Siri, allowing us to use an alternative name instead of the traditional “Hey Siri”. What “Vocal Shortcuts” does is detect said voice command to execute an action, in this case, a new name to invoke Siri.

What is Vocal Shortcuts?

In iOS 18, one of the new features is Voice Shortcuts, a tool that allows users to assign custom commands that Siri recognizes to trigger specific functions or complete various tasks. So, if you say “Screenshot,” for example, the system automatically captures what appears on the device’s screen. This feature is particularly useful for those who, due to their accessibility needs, require alternative methods to manage the system’s functionalities.

How to Rename Siri in iOS 18

To be able to change the name with which Siri is activated, all we have to do is configure the action so that when you say a custom phrase, Siri is activated. To do this, we will have to follow the following steps:

  1. Open the Settings app on your iPhone.
  2. We enter Accessibility.
  3. We play on Shortcuts of Voice.
  4. Tap on Set Up Voice Shortcut.
  5. We press Continue.
  6. We choose Siri at the bottom.
  7. We type the command we want to use as the new name for Siri.
  8. We pronounce aloud the phrase or word we have chosen three times.
  9. We tap on Continue.

And that’s it. By following the previous steps, we will have changed the way to activate Siri, which will now have a new name. Keep in mind that we will notice a small delay because the system has to detect the voice command and process it. It won’t be as fast as with the “Hey Siri” command.

This new feature is not limited to renaming the iPhone assistant. We can use Voice Shortcuts to perform a variety of actions, such as adjusting the volume, taking screenshots, or activating Control Center, which is now customizable. Another of the most interesting features that have arrived in iOS 18.



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