Starlink’s new antenna is the size of a MacBook Pro. According to Elon Musk, “it’s going to change the world”

A new, smaller, cheaper antenna offers an improvement in the Internet connection that Starlink already announced some time ago

Starlinks new antenna is the size of a MacBook Pro. According to Elon Musk, "it's going to change the world"
Starlink Mini, Elon Musk’s new Internet antenna

Starlink has been making a lot of strides forward lately. First of all we have an improvement in its Internet connection, with reduced latency and with the aim of leaving it below 20 ms. On the other hand, we have already managed to make a video call using satellite on the mobile, which is an advance with respect to the reliability and stability of their network.

Some time ago, a smaller antenna called Starlink Mini was announced, which should arrive in a few months and is almost as large as a standard MacBook. We are talking about a smaller antenna than the Starlink atcual model, of which a few images have already been leaked.

This is the new Starlink antenna

The leaker is the Ukrainian engineer Oleg Kutkov, who through reverse engineering has managed to extract the images of the latest version of the Starlink app. The images show us what it looks like, confirming that it will indeed be a smaller and more portable model. It also has a foot to rest it on a flat surface.

Elon Musk has spoken out about the images, publishing a post in X in which he says he is already using it:

According to the billionaire, everything is ready to use in less than 5 minutes. And, in addition, Musk assures that they are getting closer to their goal of 20 ms latency:

It is also striking that there is an upload speed of 11.5 Mbps, while latency remains at 23 milliseconds: very close to the goal that the company recently set.

The price of this small antenna will be “half that of a traditional antenna”, which suggests that it will be around 250 or 300 dollars. It’s not all good news, though: it appears that the Starlink Mini will offer slower download speeds, but it will have enough power to keep up with the daily demands of users.



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