Study reveals what users will use Apple Intelligence more for

Apple Intelligence will be key in messaging, web browsing and email management apps

Study reveals what users will use Apple Intelligence more for
These are the most common uses that Apple Intelligence could have

Apple Intelligence was presented at the last WWDC 2024 and although it generated a lot of controversy due to its poor compatibility with Apple devices, the company has explained the reasons. Although we still have a few months to see all the new features that will arrive under that brand, a study has revealed what users would use these functions for the most.

Apple Intelligence will arrive in iOS 18, iPadOS 18 and macOS Sequoia and included in Siri, the assistant of Apple devices that will have a new interface, will be able to detect natural language and will integrate seamlessly with applications. Some of the features of Apple Intelligence will be the ability to create images or emojis, but which ones will users use the most? A study has revealed this.

What will be the most used Apple Intelligence features by users?

CIRP has carried out a study with which they have tried to find out what they will use Apple Intelligence for by asking how often they use some functions of the iPhone. Among the functions that have been asked are sending messages, making calls, editing photos, listening to music or playing games.

It should be noted that Apple Intelligence will improve many of these functions, such as making calls when recording them, photo editing by being able to edit them with AI or the Mail experience by being able to change the tone of an email or categorize the inbox. CIRP has found the following results:

Survey Results on Most Common iPhone Uses
Survey Results on Most Common iPhone Uses

Therefore, with these results, we can get an idea of which Apple Intelligence features users will take advantage of the most:

  • Messages: It has been the feature that has won with 95% of use. In this case, Apple Intelligence will play a fundamental role here because it will allow you to create images or emojis, two things that are sent a lot through instant messaging applications.
  • Internet browsing: In this case, it has obtained 94% use, so Apple Intelligence could also help here thanks to Siri’s improvements.
  • Mail: In this case, we have 81% usage. As we anticipated, in this case functions will be added to change the tone of an email or the possibility of categorizing the inbox.
  • Calls: At 80%, Apple Intelligence here could also help, as calls can be recorded, transcribed, and summarized in the future. A function that will be useful, but also private.
  • Photos: Apple Intelligence will offer the ability to create and edit photo collections with the option to remove unwanted objects from the photos.
  • Music, video, and gameplay: Apple Intelligence will not offer features in these sections.

Therefore, if we take this data into account, Apple Intelligence will play a fundamental role in some of the actions that users do most with their iPhone, such as talking through messaging apps, browsing the Internet, using email or editing photos.



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