Tesla revealed that two humanoid robots are working autonomously in its factory

The Optimus models are running at one of the production plants, marking significant progress in the company’s advanced robotics strategy

Elon Musk highlights Optimus as more valuable than anything else Tesla is doing
Elon Musk highlights Optimus as “more valuable than anything else Tesla is doing.”

Tesla, the electric car company led by Elon Musk, has announced the implementation of its two humanoid robots, called Optimus, which are performing tasks autonomously in one of its factories. Although it has not been specified in which plant they are operating, this development marks a significant milestone in the company’s efforts to integrate advanced robotics into its manufacturing processes.

In a recent update posted on social media, Tesla highlighted the company’s achievements since 2018, in the context of a shareholder vote on a multibillion-dollar compensation package for Musk.

In this publication, the company revealed that “two Optimus robots have been deployed that perform tasks in the factory autonomously.” The exact nature of the tasks being performed by these mechanical assistants was not specified.

During the most recent earnings call in April, Musk mentioned that Optimus could fill roles at the factory by the end of 2024 and be available for sale by the end of 2025.

According to Tesla’s CEOOptimus is “more valuable than anything else the company is doing” right now. He also stated that once the “sentient humanoid robot” is a reality, “there will be no significant limit to the size of the economy.”

Tesla revealed the deployment of Optimus in the context of a shareholder vote
Tesla revealed the deployment of Optimus in the context of a shareholder vote. (Screenshot: @Tesla_Optimus)

The company’s initiative to introduce robots into its production lines comes in a context of growing competition. Another automaker, BMW, announced a deal with robotics startup Figure in January of this year, which will see its own humanoids deployed at the South Carolinaplant.

Likewise, Chinese electric vehicle manufacturers, which Musk has identified as the biggest threat to Tesla, are also experimenting with this technology. Dongfeng Motors has signed an agreement with Chinese robotics firm Ubtech to employ robots in its production lines, while Nio has piloted the use of the humanoid “Walker S”.

Recent videos released by Tesla show Optimus performing activities such as doing squats, picking up an egg, and folding a shirt. However, Musk clarified that the robot was not capable of performing the latter task autonomously. Despite this progress, Optimus is still far from fully fulfilling Musk’s ambitious vision.

Tesla has been communicating more information in recent months, though many of the messages are focused on highlighting accomplishments under Musk’s direction. As reported by Business Insider, the statements focus on the fact that “Elon is the greatest CEO of all time, and Tesla would have done very little without him.”

As Tesla moves forward with its efforts to integrate robots into its production, the global auto industry is watching closely. Musk’s promise that Optimus will be able to perform factory work by the end of the year and that its price will be “less than half of a car” ($25,000), adds an intriguing element to the competition in industrial robotics.



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