The Apple Watch Series X will be thinner and with a much larger screen

The screens of the next Apple Watch would be 45 and 49 mm respectively

The Apple Watch Series X will be thinner and with a much larger screen
The Apple Watch Series X will be thinner and with a much larger screen on both models

Apple aims to make its products thinner and lighterincluding the Apple Watch. In his latest report, analyst Ming-Chi Kuo assures that the Series X will be much thinner and will have a considerably large screen, a feature that the analyst finds surprising for its size.

Recall that it is already rumored that the Apple Watch Series X will include new features such as a slimmer design, a new magnetic system for the bands, as well as two new health features to detect sleep apnea and measure blood pressure.

Apple Watch Series X: New slimmer design and Ultra-style display

First, Kuo believes that the screen sizes on the Apple Watch Series X will increase to 45 and 49mm respectively. It’s important to note that the input size would become the current large size, and that the large size would be equated to that of the Apple Watch Ultra, which was the model that introduced the 49mm. This change is quite bold, considering that many users prefer the 41mm model for its comfort.

The increase in the screen would be possible thanks to an increase in the size of the case, since it is currently difficult to expand the borders further, as the Apple Watch already has very reduced bezels, which has allowed it to reach the current sizes without significantly increasing the case of the devices. However, they would have a slimmer chassis, which would make them lighter and more comfortable to wear.

As for the third-generation Apple Watch Ultra, Ming-Chi Kuo doesn’t expect it to be larger in size, as it would keep the same size as the second-generation model released in September last year. However, a black version is expected for this model, which has been widely rumored.

The Apple Watch Series X would be presented alongside the iPhone 16 and iPhone 16 Pro in September of this year. We’ll see if the rumors are confirmed, but in the case of the screen increase in the smaller model, it would be a pretty risky bet.



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