The chip that allows you to see with X-rays as if you were ‘Superman’ is a reality and you could have it on your mobile

It’s a truly mind-blowing technology

The chip that allows you to see with X-rays as if you were Superman is a reality and you could have it on your mobile
Superman Could See Using His X-Ray Vision | Image: Superman Wikia

The truth is that X-rays have very wide uses. Not only do they allow us to see inside the human body in a surprising way, but they also help us to decipher hidden mysteries of the past, such as the scrolls of Pompeii. In this way, technology has helped us to create and better understand our past but it has always been really expensive since until now we had to tell a fairly complex, necessary and not very health-friendly technology.

It seems that this is changing, as a team of scientists has created an X-ray machine that can be used even inside our mobile phones. A surprising leap in quality.

The mobiles of the future will have a very interesting technology

An article published in the revista_IEEE Transactions on Terahertz Science and Technology_ by members of the University of Texas have managed to develop an image chip that has a strong inspiration in the X-ray system that allowed Superman to be seen in the comics and films of the saga. Only in this case it does not come from our eyes, of course, but we can have it on our mobile device without problems. It is a chip with surprising capabilities, as it allows us to know what is behind walls or packages, something that until now had seemed unthinkable and something that was the result of a science fiction movie.

However, it seems that it is a reality. It works through a frequency of 300 GHz in the millimeter band, which translates into something totally invisible to the human eye but at the same time does not influence its exposure at all. In this way, our health will not be in question, since nothing that could be harmful to us is used.

What is truly remarkable is that it is a very scalable technology and can be incorporated into any device existing today. This includes our mobile phones, where we can see the X-ray images without the need for more effort than opening our mobile phone and turning on the “camera”.

On the other hand, many of you at this point are wondering how it works in terms of privacy. It is very simple, since at the moment it only works by bringing the device a few centimeters closer and it cannot see through very thick or heavy covers. It is used to see through a cardboard box or a wall practically made of paper. It will not penetrate lead, not even a very thick wall, so the limitations of this device today are evident.

For this reason, a substantial increase in research on these chips and their wave emission is still needed. However, it is a rather interesting step and once again demonstrates how science fiction is ahead of our scientific knowledge, allowing us to advance unstoppably in the technological future and setting a clear precedent for the steps that technology will follow. Something that can also be easily seen in Artificial Intelligence such as GPT-4o



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