The July 2024 Android update can now be downloaded, these are its new features

From now on, it is now possible to download the update on the latest Google Pixel series smartphones

The July 2024 Android update can now be downloaded, these are its new features
The July 2024 Android update, available to download first on Google Pixel devices

In the first week of the month, Google released a new Android security update. The company has released the latest security patch, corresponding to the month of July, along with the bulletin that includes the vulnerabilities of the operating system fixed over the last few weeks. The July 2024 Android update is available to download on Google Pixel devices from the Pixel 5a (5G). All models launched on previous dates no longer have official support from the brand, and therefore will not receive new security updates.

One more month, Samsung has managed to get ahead of Google and over the last few days it had already updated some of its models with the July patch. However, it should not be forgotten that manufacturers have access to the patch a few days before Google publishes it in its newsletter, so it is not surprising that some companies manage to get ahead of it.

July’s Android Update Arrives to Fix Security Issues

This time, we are talking about an update focused on improving the security and operation of devices, which does not include new functions or features as is the case with updates of the Pixel Feature Drop type, released every three months. The latest update of this type came along with the patch last June.

The security bulletin lists all the vulnerabilities that have been fixed with this update, categorized according to the level of threat they posed to the platform. Some of them are specific improvements in operation and security aimed at Pixel mobiles.

Those who do not want to wait for the arrival of the update on their mobiles, can proceed to manually install the OTA file corresponding to the July patch published by Google.

The July 2024 Android security patch will be released in the next few hours via OTA gradually, and will be rolling out to supported models gradually. However, it is already possible to download the corresponding update packages for each device, to perform manual installation either through the OTA file, or through the factory image of each terminal:

Google Developers | OTA Files

Google Developers | Factory Images



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