The new game in the Civilization saga for mobile phones is now available, although with limitations

The new title is called ‘Civilization Mobile: World Origin’, it has all the 4x features you expect from the successful saga and only one problem… It is not available outside of China!

The new game in the Civilization saga for mobile phones is now available, although with limitations
Promotional image of ‘Civilization Mobile: World Origin’ in China

Like many other classic PC games that we can already enjoy on mobile platforms, the adaptation of Civilization VI has been playable on Android globally for several years now to delight fans of the saga created by MicroProse. What we didn’t expect now is a new Civilization Mobile that has appeared by surprise in China, and that is designed specifically for mobiles looking to become a reference.

The new title of the successful strategy saga is called Civilization Mobile: World Origin, and it was presented to us by the colleagues of Pocket Gamer following the trail of GamingonPhone confirming that it has indeed been designed from the beginning to be played on smartphones, with a very clear multiplayer approach that focuses the entire experience while maintaining all the 4x features that are expected of any self-respecting Civilization.

That is, for those of you who don’t control this type of strategy game, have the four X’s or the four keys of an empire-building gameexplore, expand, exploit and exterminate.

So, we already have a new title on Android in the Civilization franchise, also without having been ported from other platforms but with a more ‘mobile’ approach, strange without a doubt for fans of the turn-based single-player experience that this strategy saga used to have.

The limitation, which as always exists, is that this game has been developed exclusively for the gigantic Chinese market, so at least for the moment it cannot be downloaded or played outside the Asian country as the Weibo page of Civilization Mobile: World Origin says.

A good degree of authenticity can be noticed with respect to what we know of the Civilization franchise, as a great emphasis has been placed on music with composer Christopher Tin as the main protagonist. Not only that, but we will also enjoy the expansion by land, sea and air of the latest Civilization.

There is also a new mode called Four Emperors and that multiplayer approach that we had already mentioned, although without being able to test it we were left halfway in the analysis having to translate all the information published in perfect Chinese, without details for international markets.

The new title Civilization Mobile, World Origin has been developed with the Chinese market in mind

We will be attentive to see if Civilization Mobile: World Origin finally crosses borders into China, although for now we only know that the beta testing phase starts in mid-July without a specific release date in final and stable versions.

Here is the link, in case you want to whet your appetite, of Civilization VI that we can play in Europe and Latin America!

Download Civilization VI (free) | Google Play



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