The new Siri experience won’t be released until 2025

We won’t see the integration with apps or the possibility of knowing what’s on the screen until spring 2025

The new Siri experience won't be released until 2025
We’ll have to wait to see Apple Intelligence’s Siri features

The new Siri experience, such as deep integration with apps to perform specific tasks or the ability to know what’s on screen to understand context, will not be available this year, but will be released in spring 2025 with the beta process starting in January.

As Mark Gurman has indicated in the latest installment of his Power On newsletterthe most important features of Siri that are part of Apple Intelligence will not be released until next year, arriving this year only the new interface and integration with ChatGPT, so we will have to wait to enjoy the full experience.

We will have to wait for the smartest Siri

Apple Intelligence will add many features to Siri; however, we will not see all of them this year. By the end of the year, we will see the new interface and integration with ChatGPT, but we will not have the intelligent Siri, nor the possibility of integrating with applications to perform specific tasks or to know what is on the screen to perform actions according to the context. These features won’t be released until spring 2025.

This means that it is very possible that these functions will be released in beta version during the month of January, to be released a few weeks later. Saving features of this type for an iOS update in spring is something that the company has done on numerous occasions, such as with the compatibility of the iPad with mice or the possibility of unlocking the iPhone with a mask.

We will have to wait until 2025 to be able to enjoy the full Siri experience
We will have to wait until 2025 to be able to enjoy the full Siri experience

The newsletter also indicated that both the Apple Watch Series 10 and Apple Watch Ultra 3 will have a more powerful processor as a first step towards integrating AI into devices, but that at the moment there are no plans to integrate Apple Intelligence features into Apple Watches.

Where it will be integrated in the future is in the Apple Vision Pro, Apple’s space computer that meets the requirements to have these functions. Where we won’t see the features is on the HomePod, though, and that could lead to a fragmentation of Siri.



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