The next iPhone could carry a camera made by Samsung

With this change, Apple would not only improve the quality of the camera, but it could also reach more users

The next iPhone could carry a camera made by Samsung
Apple could use a Samsung component in the iPhone 16 camera

Apple is evaluating the possibility of using Samsung’s advanced image sensors in its upcoming iPhone 16, which would represent a significant change in its supply chain for camera components. Until now, Apple has relied primarily on Sony for its CMOS image sensors (CIS), but recent issues with Sony have prompted the company to explore other options.

The Samsung sensor that Apple is testing uses an innovative three-layer design. This design allows for higher pixel density and significant reduction of noise in images. It also allows for smaller pixel sizes, which could translate into better image quality and superior low-light performance.

This new sensor that Apple is testing is not only intended to improve the experience with the camera, but also to sell more devices. The quality of the camera is very important and the company wants to dominate the market in that aspect and reach many more users.

Intimate enemies: iPhone 16 with Samsung cameras?

Samsung’s adoption of sensors would not only improve the iPhone 16’s camera capabilities, but also diversify Apple’s supply chain, reducing its reliance on a single supplier. This diversification is an important strategy to mitigate risks and ensure stability in the production of your devices.

If Samsung’s sensors pass Apple’s quality tests, it would be the first time Samsung has supplied CIS to Apple. This move could open up new opportunities for future collaborations between these two tech giants on other components and technologies. Competition between suppliers could also drive innovation and improve the quality of final products for consumers.

The possible incorporation of Samsung’s advanced sensors in the iPhone 16 represents a strategic shift for Apple, looking to improve the quality of its cameras and diversify its supply chain. This decision underscores the importance of quality in the competitive smartphone market, where every technological improvement can make a big difference to the user experience and purchasing decisions.

In addition, the iPhone 16 would also arrive with the Action Button on all models, a new Capture Button dedicated to pressure- and touch-sensitive photography to be able to perform actions and improvements to the cameras on all models, with a change in the arrangement of the lenses of the base models, which would be vertical.



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