The nuclear battery is already a reality. It can change everything with its 100-year lifespan

The nuclear stack can change things in today’s technology

The nuclear battery is already a reality with its 100-year lifespan
Your Technology Can Be Highly Scalable | Image: Infinity Power

Nuclear technology has played a major role since it began to be understood more than two centuries ago. However, it has had ups and downs and questionable uses that have caused a huge ethical debate around its use. However, it is undeniable that it has a utility beyond doubt and that it also has a reliability and security that today other energy sources cannot even achieve. For a long time, research has been carried out from different points on how nuclear energy could be scaled up to supply multiple everyday appliances, and slowly it has been achieved until the nuclear battery that we are going to talk about today has been achieved.

A scalable and secure stack

The expert and popularizer on nuclear energy in X (formerly Twitter) known as @OperadorNuclear has echoed a recent invention by the company Infinity Power of a nuclear battery with truly surprising characteristics.

The company has succeeded in developing a technology capable of converting electrochemical energy from electrolytes dissolved into radioisotopes. Thus, this battery is far from being like conventional batteries and has emerged in the heat of years of research and development, allowing enormous efficiency because radioisotopes in liquid form are more effective in collecting electrons. At least that’s what the company’s CEO, Jae W. Kwon, assures.

The battery has a durability of more than a century, breaking down the barriers of cables or chargers. This could be incredibly useful for critical tasks, such as robots of the future or other technologies. In fact, we already saw at the time that work was being done on devising phones with nuclear batteries. In the case of the Infinity Power battery, its technology is very scalable, allowing it to range from nanowatts to kilowatts and thus making it perfect to incorporate into products that need to have a lot of autonomy without constant maintenance.

For example, it could be perfect for powering remote areas of our planet such as the polar regions or even for future underwater research. But not only that, but in the future it could also be useful in the day-to-day life of all the inhabitants of the planet. For this reason, they wanted to make sure that this nuclear battery is safe.

To ensure the safety of this type of battery, they are working on advanced designs that allow there to be no leakage. Armor must be the key to this safety, since the effects of the existence of some type of leak or spill could be dangerous at the human level and also for the environment.

In the end, this step forward in nuclear technology marks a very clear path. With the creation of modular reactors and the constant advances in nuclear fusion, this type of technology is becoming an option for the future compared to others that yield much less.

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